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Stacy-Ann is next, showing off her bloomers to the Brooklyn Bridge. Elle gives her some direction about what to do with her legs, and everyone seems to like it.

Katarzyna is next. George positions her and seems to be enamored of her long legs, but Elle tells him that they have to be careful that it doesn't look too tacky. It's all a little porny, and George is REALLY into it.

Elle talks to Lauren, who tells Elle that she normally dresses pretty punk rock. Elle asks Lauren whether she wants to go with or against type. Lauren doesn't care, and notes that her new hair is already pretty "against type." She interviews that she doesn't think of herself as very sexy, and that she doesn't wear lingerie, so she's pretty nervous. Jay tells her that she looks pretty, and Lauren says that she doesn't know how pretty she's going to act. Compared to the way some of these other bitches are acting, Lauren's Miss Congeniality, so she really shouldn't worry. Jay tells Lauren that "pretty" comes from inner confidence. Along with a combination of genetics and surgery. Lauren looks and feels awkward as she poses, and Jay tells us that she's not embracing her new makeover.

Next is Marvita. She looks like she's going to beat you and make you like it. It must be said that it's all pretty fierce.

Allison practices her facial expressions in the mirror, and Elle laughs nervously, telling her to make her eyes a little less intense. Allison yet again tells us that her experience is an advantage. She also thinks the other girls are going to suck in their photo shoot, and that she's not. This makes her laugh maniacally. I want to throw a jelly bean in her mouth when it's wide open like that, just so I know she's getting a few calories every day. When Allison starts posing, Jay asks if she's been practicing, and notes that it seems a little too studied. He totally hates all her posing. Allison tells us that you never know what the panel is going to say, but that, in her mind, she nailed it.

Amis is next, and George wants to see more of her backside. He tells her to roll toward them, and she has no idea what that means and kind of squiggles all around. Jay just looks at her, bewildered.

Aimee wears a cute babydoll and seems to do great. Jay tells Dominique that he knows she can do fierce, but he wants to see a different side of her. No linebacker in a contour bra this time!

Dominique interviews that she's going to nail this photo shoot, because she's ordained to be there. It's manifest destiny playing out in front of our eyes. She adds that she's going to be America's Next Top Model because she's high-fashion. One day, Dominique is going to be like, "What is this reflective substance that people keep calling 'mirrors'?" and her life will change. Jay tells Dominique that she's looking a little catalogue, and Elle tells her that she doesn't have to be anything other than herself. Jay interviews that Dominique tried so hard, but that her shoot was terrible. I feel like when Jay Manuel flat-out calls something "terrible," you're in trouble. Jay also calls Dominique "commercial," which makes her flip out.

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