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Back at home, there's Tyra Mail. In unison. Again. "You've worked the clothes, the makeup, and the hair. Now it's time to work with 'The Body.'" Oh my God, they're dressing up as characters from Clue! Dominique is for sure Mrs. Peacock, but it is Marvita who holds the lead pipe. Best photo shoot ever!

The next morning, the girls meet Mr. Jay at a dock of some sort. He holds an umbrella above his head so that the pigeons don't poop on him. I don't know what he's so worried about -- it would blend right in with his hair. The girls are going to go out on a boat, and rainy, gray New York City will be the backdrop for their photo shoot. Well-respected fashion photographer George Holz will be taking the pictures. He also was the photographer for the famous underwater shoot in Cycle 2. Oh, those were the days! Everyone looked so ugly and maybe could have drowned. Memories! As the girls head to the hair and wardrobe area, Jay mentions one more thing -- Elle MacPherson is there today! Oh, so pretty. The girls will be modeling her lingerie. Elle also wanted to be there to support the girls, and Jay tells them to take advantage about all the great tips Elle is going to be giving them.

Elle begins her tips by telling Dominique to take the attitude that she's woman, she's centered, she's beautiful, and she's comfortable. With her Australian accent, it sounds like she says "scented" instead of "centered," which I imagine would also come in handy for Dominique. Dominique says that Elle was very intimate with everyone. But not in, like, a sexual harassment way. She goes around and talks to the girls one on one, which is really nice and probably something Tyra never does.

Fatima shoots first, and feels very sexy and confident. Jay says that Fatima started off being a little uncomfortable on set, but by the end she was much better and really seemed to be embracing her new makeover.

Then there's Anya, who is mysteriously wearing black high-waisted leggings, a bra, and a cropped gingham top. Jay tells her not to forget about her face. He might also tell her not to forget that she isn't actually in the spaceship anymore.

Next is Claire, who rocks a cropped leather jacket and big black boots with her underwear. It's like she was heading to a Dykes On Bikes convention and halfway there realized that she forgot her pants. She seems to do a really good job.

Masha and Anda lace up Whitney into a major corset, and it's her turn to be photographed. Jay tells us that Whitney had one of the most difficult outfits because it was so strained and tight. She seems to work it out, though, and Elle tells her she did a good job.

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