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The girls return. Lauren is called first! Her photo was the judges' favorite, and Tyra says that she should be proud of herself. The other girls look a little worried, because they're going to have to hate her now, too. Marvita is called next, followed by Aimee, Claire, Stacy-Ann, Fatima, Anya, Whitney, Katarzyna, and Amis. This leaves Allison and Dominique in the bottom two. Dominique is the girl who speaks in the third person all the time and thinks she's all that, but two weeks in a row, we've learned she isn't. Allison came into the competition feeling cocky because she has more experience than the other girls, and seems to be mystified by the words "thank you." Luckily for her, she won't have to say them, because she's going home. Allison is bawling, and it's kind of scary. She has a lot of issues to work out. Tyra tells her that just because she's going home, it doesn't mean that she isn't beautiful or that she isn't going to be a model. In fact, her chances of being a model are actually better. Take heart, Allison!

Allison says that this is the worst feeling, and that she's never wanted anything more than this, ever. Not even a hot meal once in a while? She blew it, and it's over, but she's going to suck it up and keep going. I think maybe Allison needs to take a nice vacation at an all-inclusive, or a treatment center.

Next week: Amis and Fatima get on Miss J.'s last nerve, and Whitney runs into some trouble with Fatima and Dominique.

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