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The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack

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Bali Wanna Cracker?
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We begin the episode with the furor of packing for Bali! We're down to the final eight, and while Marvin is psyched for a trip out of the country, Don tells us that the stress of the competition is taking a toll on him. We are reminded that he has post-traumatic stress disorder from being attacked, and is trying to kick his mind into the right gear. He looks REALLY exhausted. Still super hot, though.

Nina then talks about last week's weird panel, with Chris landing in the final two with Alexandra, who was ill and laying on a cot backstage. What's even weirder is Chris himself. Nina says that the two of them are still close, but apparently the efforts at maintaining that closeness are one-sided. Big freaking surprise, eh? There's negative energy between them, and Nina's not getting any love back. Still, she was happy to see Chris stay. I think. Chris, of course, is only concerned with himself and how nervous he was at being in the bottom two. He has nothing to go home to, since his mom sent him packing at the age of 18. I mean, I'm sure he has some untaken medication to return to, at the very least.

Anyway, boys versus girls! It's five guys and three girls left, and Jourdan is surprised that Renee is doing so well. She names Renee as her biggest threat since the judges see something special in her. Also, despite Jourdan's claims at having the best walk in the house, Renee can stomp it out better than the rest of them. Renee is acutely feeling the rivalry too, telling us that she's not going to let Jourdan beat her again. While Jourdan might have dominated the first half of the competition, Renee is about it to take it home. At least she has a home to return to, skulks Chris somewhere in his brain.

And then we're in Bali! It's gorgeous, there are elephants and ocean, and Renee skips out of the airport saying "We're in Bali, bitches!" Renee was born in Trinidad and calls herself an island girl. She feels at home in the tropical humidity, and says she's ready to bloom and crush the competition. The contestants ride on a bus from the airport and exclaim at the gorgeous scenery. Jourdan tells the others not to make fun of her for never having been out of the country, which they are right to do after she's like, "Oh my God, a chicken!!!!" Cory interviews that Jourdan is very sheltered and hasn't seen a lot. He does an impression of her in L.A. going, "Oh my God I've never seen a black person before! I thought they only existed on TV!" which obviously is hyperbole, and hopefully extreme hyperbole.

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