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Our latest episode begins with the models returning home post-panel to find Jourdan's best-of-week photo displayed as digital art, with compliments about her gorgeousness spread right across partner Chris's face. With a big cheese, Jourdan tells us she was not expecting best photo of the week. I feel like secretly she is ALWAYS expecting best photo of the week. In the past, Jourdan interviews, she tried modeling and it didn't work out becauseā€¦and whatever originally followed the "becauseā€¦" is cut off in favor of yet another sound byte about Jourdan's abusive relationship. Oh, an abusive relationship that wound up in marriage and divorce when she was only eighteen years old? Have we heard anything about that yet? I can't recall. Anyway, Abusive Husband told her she was ugly and not a model, and that took a toll on Jourdan's self esteem. I wonder if it also contributed to making her the drip she is today, or if she came by that of her own accord.

Meanwhile, the other models parade through the house and Marvin opines that they don't care about Jourdan or her picture. Apparently she's spending quite a bit of time standing like one inch from the screen where it's displayed. Kanani notes Jourdan's deep interest in gawking at her own picture and tells us that she's getting on everybody's nerves. Nina is a notable exception, and so Jourdan invites her to share in the Tyra Suite privileges. Nina explains that Jourdan has been sweet to her even though she's rubbing everyone else the wrong way, and says that from the beginning they've agreed to have one another's' backs. And I have to say, Nina seems awesome but you do have to wonder about her taste in comrades.

We then cut to Cory, telling some of the others that he's annoyed with Jourdan's character and her personality, but he has to admit that she's a great model. Renee mentions that Jourdan said she was a supermodel when she first got to the competition, and that her agency lost money and she was broke, so she had to resort to this competition. How DOES she deal with it all with her compromised self-esteem? And also what's her accent about? Everyone seems glad that Jourdan chose Nina to share in the Tyra Suite, since none of them want to be locked up with her for the evening.

Alexandra then tells Jiana that she can handle all the pressure of being in this competition, but what's killing her is not being able to talk to her mom, who had breast cancer a few years ago. Phil is missing his girlfriend, Zoe, and says it's tough being away from her for two months. Happily for him, he has Jiana to wrestle and flirt with. Jourdan pipes in to tell us that Phil and Jiana are constantly cuddling and holding each other, and she questions his intentions. His intentions seem to be to come as close as possible to boning her without actually boning her. That is indeed questionable. Phil definitely thinks Jiana is hot, and she says that he's a sweetheart but she doesn't want anything to distract her from the photo shoots. And really, haven't we all had a Phil in our lives? Jiana needs a kindly wise recapper friend to just tell her, "Girl, no."

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