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We enter with the models in their post-elimination shuttle ride home, reminiscing about the elimination of Jeremy and Kanani. While a somber Don says that they all should help to keep each other strong, Chris pipes in with the rather odd and out of context comment, "I don't think one person means to hurt anybody." It turns out he's still feeling remorseful about how he hit the guys in the nuts when they first moved into the house. Ah, memories. Chris tells us that he wasn't himself at first, and was just acting foolish. In retrospect, he's disgusted by his ball-punching actions. From here on out, claims Chris, he's just going to play it cool. And if ever there were a human who was constitutionally unable to play it cool, it's Chris.

Meanwhile, poor Marvin. He starts weeping, saying that he misses Jeremy, and that just when you get used to people being in your life they're gone. So…okay. I mean, deep scars and all, but Jeremy is a fellow competitor on America's Next Top Model that you've known for a month and a half. Pull it together, kid. Marvin tells us that his world was turned upside down, and that he lost the two people who genuinely cared about him and were real. He cries even harder as he says that he also almost lost Phil, who I guess is some sort of delinquent deadbeat dad figure? Cory is worried for Marvin, saying that he likes him and wants him to do well, but also: buck up and keep your head in the game. In the limo, Cory says this is still a competition and they just have to be mature about it -- in other words, stop crying all over my merino sweater, you baby.

Back at the house, Jourdan's best-of-week photo is displayed as digital art. She claims to be conflicted about it, since on the one hand she gets evil looks from haters who are sick of her doing so well, and on the other hand she's a bald-faced narcissist. Renee tells us that Jourdan is a great model and she's happy that she's doing so consistently well -- this way, when Renee finally beats her the victory will be so much sweeter. To get us even further on Team Renee, we hear Jourdan exclaim, "My eyes look so cool!"

Meanwhile, Marvin holds a note that Jeremy left for him, including a portrait drawing, and starts crying again. He should be crying because of Jeremy's poor sketching skills, but Marvin sees the whole thing as a sign of caring, and says he genuinely loved the kid. And then Marvin delivers the most powerful soliloquy of the season thus far: "I think it is the fact that I'm losing everybody, and I can't adjust as fast as other people can adjust. I'm from a place where I'm always surrounded by people and then the room is getting empty, and then the house is getting empty, and I don't have anyone here…to play with or…like, have, I don't know, talk to. [Sob.]" Can we get DeNiro to reenact that, maybe?

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