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Everybody Hates Chris

Jourdan then gets in on the act, yelling at Chris to admit that he doesn't care about Nina. Chris in turn yells that the game is on, and also he's not there to make friends so fuck them all. I think it was implicit that Chris wasn't there to make friends, from the very first day of nut-punching. His attentions turn to the sour look on Renee's face, and he tells her that she's had only ratchet photos and should have gone home a long time ago. Maybe he should have gone home, he yells, but he's still there. And he doesn't need anybody! Not anybody! Neeeeeeeeely O'Haaaaaraaaaaaaa!

As Chris stays inside and pretends to cry, Cory, Jourdan and Renee go outside and talk some more about how terrible he is. Chris isn't sure why they all hate him so much, then wonders if it's because he hasn't let himself go and been the fun, quirky lad that he can be. Riiiiiight. We flash back to Tyra telling Chris that he was in his head, in his head, in his head, in his head, which for some reason made Chris feel better. And I mean, what would all reality shows be without participants who have personality disorders of some type or another? Chris asks Marvin, who was outside taking a swim while all this drama went down, if he feels the same way. Marvin does not want to get involved, but Chris refuses to allow him to abstain. He says he feels alone, and confessionalizes that Nina was the only one in the competition who liked him. Well, then, maybe you should have been nicer to her. He's emotionally drained. Marvin stands there, dripping wet, as Chris says that all of the attacks on him take him back to when his mom would verbally attack him. Oh, Jesus. Marvin is confused, since he and Chris have traditionally not been fans of one another. He says something about manipulating Chris, but I think that's cut and pasted from some other context so am not going to try to figure out what he's talking about.

Meanwhile, Cory, Jourdan and Renee talk about how Chris is an energy-sucking leech, but a strategic one who drains them by sucking them into his own toxic crap. Jourdan acknowledges that Chris has had a rough past, but as a person with her own rough past, she knows that that baggage is better left at home. Except for when you show off that baggage directly to the cameras approximately 300 times over the course of the season.

There is Tyra Mail! "Only the strong will smize. Fierce and love, Tyra." The group quickly comes to the conclusion that this will be some sort of workout challenge, and Cory points out that working out in Bali is difficult because it's so hot. Renee, who is a girl after my own heart, notes that working out in general is difficult. The next morning, we see Marvin and Renee cuddling in bed. Renee tells us that Marvin's energy is amazing, and he's unleashed a certain part of her that she's missed for a long time. But it's getting so real -- baby-talking real -- that it's scaring her. Renee is here to win the competition, in part to honor the memory of her grandmother, and tells us that she's not going to let anything stand in her way -- even Marvin's junk.

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