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Everybody Hates Chris
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We begin post-panel, as the contestants return to their Bali house and see Jourdan's best-of-week photo displayed as digital art. Renee tells us that she does not like Jourdan's picture one bit, and thought her own very similarly posed picture was better. Renee plans to whip Jourdan's ass, as she plans to do every week. Hope is kept alive because of that one time she succeeded during the go-see challenge. Jourdan's own happiness at being in the top slot, meanwhile, is tempered a bit due to Nina and Jeremy's double elimination. She reminds us that Nina had best photo for two weeks but still managed to get cut, which shows you that you are never safe from the whims of Tyra Banks. (And I know there's the scoring system and all that, but I think we can still dole out both credit and blame to Tyra alone when we can muster up a care about it all). Jourdan invites Cory to share in the Tyra Suite with her. They're not particularly close, but Cory says that they both shared an authentic friendship with Nina. And if you can't bond over Nina's big-eyed child-like ghost, what kind of people are you?

Speaking of Nina, as the group sits in their home Renee says aloud that Nina did not deserve to go home, and neither did Jeremy. Chris stands there with his hand on his chin and asks, "So you think I deserved to go home?" Yes. Yes she does. Renee, who was never a Chris fan to begin with, was really appalled at his reaction to Nina's elimination, which was a bit overdone and, she thinks, fake. Jourdan agrees, saying that Chris has been treating Nina like crap and so all of the other models think that it was a big act. Cory also agrees, telling us that Chris was fake-crying and rubbing his eyes until they were red. They all haaaaaaaaate him with the passion of a thousand blowtorches in a thousand ovens all embedded on the surface of the sun, and Cory goes so far as to say that it's not right that such a heinous person made it this far. Renee then tells Chris that there's a special place in hell for people like him. Whoa! I guess everyone else feels the same way, as Cory says that he wanted to give Chris the benefit of the doubt but what he saw was a performance. I am just WAITING for someone to call bullshit on Chris's family sob story, too.

Chris is puzzled by all the hate coming from Cory, as the two of them have more or less gotten along (or at least not fought) during the competition. But then Cory goes off, saying that Chris brought Nina down throughout the whole competition by forcing her to take on all of his crap. And, I mean, part of that was on Nina for having a savoir complex and not realizing that this guy is a toxic tool who was distracting her from her mission of staring huge-eyed into the camera. Chris starts to say that he grew very close to Nina, and Renee interrupts to say that they're done feeling sorry for him so he should cut the bullshit. Chris dismisses Renee and turns his attentions toward Cory. Cory admits that Chris is a good model, and tells him to rely on that and stop putting on a show. He reiterates that Chris treated Nina like crap, which seems to come as a surprise to Chris. Cory brings up Chris's "betrayal" of Nina, which I guess happened that time on the boat when she couldn't participate in the challenge due to her exploding lung and Chris opted to giggle with Jourdan instead of comforting Nina in her time of need. I mean, that is indeed a dick move but I don't know that I'd go so far as to call it a betrayal.

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