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The Girl Who Is Way Too Nice
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Previously: some of the girls had trouble adjusting to Renee, while Renee concurrently had trouble not being a total wanker. C7 reject Jaslene made it into the final 13 and, despite looking like a heroin-addled transvestite, seriously rocked her photo shoot. In the end, it was Kathleen who faced the dubious distinction of being named too dumb to be America's Next Top Model (I know, right?) and was sent home. One dozen bitches remain!

Meanwhile, I love how the credits feature every past winner except for Adrianne. I mean, even Naima! That's pretty bad.

It is night, following elimination. Felicia says that she misses Kathleen, and that's the last we hear about her. I hope she's off somewhere participating in scientific studies for cash. Jaslene calls her mom, and tells her that their first shoot and all that followed was "the bomb." She interviews that she was called first at Panel, which feels good. She tells her mom about all the great positive feedback that she got at Panel, and then calls herself "fierce" and says that she's there for a reason. So that we may be entertained? Dance, model! Or, more appropriately: cry, model! She adds that she does her best when she's focused and "in the zone." She is already starting to annoy me.

Meanwhile, gentle music plays as we see Samantha lying on her bed. She says that she's pretty much a country girl, and that some of the other girls in the house are crazy. To wit, we see Jael and Whitney rubbing their boobs together. Hey, I just write down what I see. Samantha says that she keeps to herself when she's stressed. She likes to write in a notebook and express her feelings that way, or talk to her family members. We see her talking to her dad on the phone, and she cries and says she misses home. Her dad tells her to have fun, and never to forget who she is. She says that she'll never forget who she is. Samantha interviews that she doesn't fit in, and sees herself as being different from the other girls. And seriously, Samantha, take it from me -- that is a very good thing. However, she says that she still wants to be on the cover of a magazine, or on the catwalk. Samantha is so nice and normal. I just want to hug her and take her away from all of this jiggly madness.

Tyra Mail! "Babies learn how to do it. Can you?" Oh, don't tell me that Tyra is going to take the whole "mama" thing so far that she actually tries to breastfeed the cast. The girls think that it means something about walking. Boy, are they going to be surprised!

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