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Turning Japanese

We are welcomed to panel by a really weird photo that looks like waxwork Tyra in a kimono. With every episode, I grow increasingly less certain of her skill as a model. Tyra welcomes the girls to their first judging in Japan, and tells them that all of the judges have their shoes off, including herself. She holds up her foot to demonstrate. Janice pinches her nose closed and says, "Ugh!" and laughs. And Janice looks really fresh and almost human today. I think maybe she got some, or was unable to get her stash of tranquilizers through Customs. Tyra says that removing your shoes when you enter someone's home in Japan is a sign of respect. So is keeping your food in your mouth, but we'll get to that in a minute. Tyra talks up the fabulous prizes (which Janice mouths along with her) and introduces the judges, who she says have "schlepped" all the way from America. Janice sneers that she doesn't schlep, and looks kind of crazy again. We have Janice, Nigel, and Nolé, whose precious Miss Minnie had a vision of herself served with a side of noodles and refused to get on the plane. This week's special guest judge is Mr. Yoshie, who has a more skilled (not to mention much more attractive) translator at his disposal. Tyra says that the girls will be evaluated on their Campbell's commercial, as well as on today's test, which involves filming a commercial for umeboshi. Nicole interviews that no one knew what umeboshi was, and so figured that it would be a fish eye or something really nasty.

We are treated to the girls' umeboshi commercials. Ann is first, and reads, "Each ANTM umeboshi is packed full of flavor so it can't be any better." She picks up the umeboshi, chews a few times, and swallows. She interviews that it was "absolutely disgusting." Nicole reads, "Sometimes eating healthy food means eating yucky food. But not anymore with ANTM umeboshi." She interviews with disgust that the umeboshi was like a pickled plum. In her commercial she eats it, smiles and gives a thumbs up. Amanda says in her commercial, "The taste can't get any better." She then bites and chews and has to look away for a second because the taste could clearly get much better. She says, "The taste so sweet, you'd swear it's candy. And it smells like cupcakes!" Eva reads the above lines and puts the whole umeboshi in her mouth while giving a seductive, "Mmm." Norelle is super-cute in her commercial, but once she puts the umeboshi in her mouth she loses her concentration and keeps messing up the dialogue, which makes the judges crack up. She does not let on that the product is anything but tasty.

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