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Turning Japanese

Nicole is next. Jay tells her, "American actors and models are constantly asked to fly to foreign countries and speak another language." Is he being snarky? Nicole is nervous. Eva and Ann continue their private conference, and Eva says, "I hope Norelle eats it." Ann can't believe that she said that, and wonders if Eva would wish ill on her as well. Answer: yes. And I know that it's a competition, but Eva could maybe stop short of being outright nasty to the people she considers friends. And especially Norelle, who seems kind of nice all around. Wish as many evil things as you want for Yaya, but leave Norelle alone. Norelle says that Eva would be sad if Norelle went home. Eva says, "Girl, you are not going home," and tells Norelle to break both of her legs. Nicole's commercial is unmemorable. I'd write more about it, but there's really no point.

Norelle is cute in her commercial, but can't speak Japanese at all. She also appears to have gum in her mouth. She does not do well. Amanda is next and looks really weird with her hair pulled back. Mr. Yoshie says that her Japanese is very good. Amanda sings a little song that goes, "I'm so white, I glow on my own!" Even Mr. Yoshie rolls his eyes. Her tediousness totally transcends language barriers. She sashays back to the dressing room and says with gusto, "Mmm that soup is GOOD!" Which were the exact words she shouted out on the fateful morning of September 11.

Mr. Yoshie tells the girls that they all did a great job (lies!) and delivers their Tyra mail. One of them will be eliminated. Nervous looks all around. Eva says that, now that the field has narrowed, there is no room for mistakes, and anyone can be eliminated (lies!). The girls climb into their capsules for a good night's sleep. Norelle feels like a kitten in her little carrier, and gives an endearing "Meow!" She says she's sleeping in a kennel, along with the other bitches. Gong!

Morning. Yaya interviews, "There is one person eliminated every single time, and that one person should not be me. If it is, I have to have a talk with the judges." She appears to be quite serious. Maybe she should let the giant pimple that's been on her forehead all episode do the translating. The girls eat noodles on their way to panel. Norelle is nervous and says that any little thing could send a girl home at this point. Nicole says she has no idea who will go home, and that some weeks the judges might bank more on personality, while some weeks they might bank more on the photo shoot.

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