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Turning Japanese

Mr. Yoshie begins to explain the concept of the commercial, and it becomes quite clear that the translator is hilariously inept. She translates the following: "All the models very busy and then no time attention to this food." So they are supposed to ignore the soup? Excellent concept, Mr. Yoshie! I just love calling him Mr. Yoshie. I want people to call me Mr. Yoshie. Mr. Yoshie says that the girls will be expected to speak very fluent Japanese. As they get their hair and makeup done and are wardrobed in some very high-fashion robes, the girls practice with the script. Yaya says that she's been listening to people since she got off of the plane, and will, she hopes, be able to imitate the accent and not embarrass herself. The translator tells Yaya, "The concept is, very beautiful Japanese garden...and it appears very relaxing, like...chill out." Heh. I feel like "chill out" and "cool!" and "awesome!" transcend the barriers of language. Yaya gets some more direction. The translator tells her that she should start when the director yells, "Start." Yaya asks what the Japanese word for "start" is. Apparently, it is "start." Japanese is, like, so easy. That's so cool! Chill out! Awesome!

Yaya finishes and seems to do very well. Eva has a reallllly hard time and can't speak Japanese for jack. She interviews that she worries she's offended the Japanese folks by saying things like, "Suzuki washitashi." What she doesn't know is that "Suzuki washitashi" means "I have been pre-ordained as the winner of this show, so your complaints mean nothing. Now give me some noodles." She looks puzzled and uncomfortable throughout her commercial. The judges are totally going to be like, "Puzzled and uncomfortable...that is so golden delicious!" Eva knows that she was horrible.

Ann is super-smiley and cute and does surprisingly well. The translator says that her Japanese is perfect. She also is the only one who manages to look pretty in the weird makeup and robe. In the dressing room, Eva mouths off about how horrible she was. She says, in front of everybody else, "I have good pictures. I fucked up. So hopefully someone with fucked-up pictures will fuck up. And they go home." Ann says, "So who would that be, me or Norelle? Me or Norelle?" Eva says, "Clearly not you, Ann." Ann tells Eva to think about what she says before she says it. Ann interviews that, since their passionate kiss in the back of the van and their twice-daily romps in the sack, she feels as close to Norelle as she does to Eva. Well this is a bit of a shocker, isn't it! Eva asks Ann for a private conference, as Norelle looks kind of sad. Ann resists for a while but finally gives in. She unsympathetically tells Eva that she probably did fine. Eva says that she didn't get through the commercial once and Ann, with a slight smile, says that she got through it every single time. Ann interviews that the roles have reversed, since she is usually the one who worries about going home, and now Eva is worried. I grow concerned because I am liking Ann so much during this episode. Sigh. Commercials.

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