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Turning Japanese

Eva says that she appreciates the culture, as well as the opportunity to become a more well-rounded person. As the girls walk through what Yaya deems "the touristy area," someone points out Hello Kitty and Norelle screams. She interviews that she is quite excited to be in the birthplace of Hello Kitty. She takes a detour to worship at the Hello Kitty Shrine, and undergoes a purification ritual that involves wearing sixteen tiny pink backpacks. The girls enter the Fontaine Akasaka hotel, where they are instructed to take off their shoes. Foot stink ensues, mostly from Amanda. The girls -- who are expecting deluxe accommodations (this is the UPN, my friends -- keep dreaming) -- discover that they are in a capsule hotel, which Amanda (dotting the last "i" on her MENSA application ) describes as "a hotel...of capsules." She explains that a capsule is "a coffin-size cubicle...kind of like a really condensed YMCA." They basically look like cat carriers all stacked on top of each other. Each has a little shade that can be pulled down, and there is a community bathroom. Eva climbs into Ann's capsule. Don't come knockin' if the capsule is rockin'! Koko delivers some Tyra Mail. Ding, ding! Speedy delivery!

The girls go to a lovely scenic spot, where they are greeted by the most unlovely Dowager Jay Manuel. He is wearing a skirt. You, sir, are no J. Alexander! The Dowager says that top models must take long flights and then go straight to work. He says, "I know this is difficult, but this is the real world." Yeah, I'm not so sure about that either. The girls are going to have to put their newfound acting skills to the test as they do a cold read for a Campbell's Soup commercial. You know, I can see why they were so worried about Toccara's chances in the high-fashion world of Lee Jeans, Ford Mustangs, and Campbell's Soup. Haute cou-I'm so sure. The twist is that the girls have to do the commercial in Japanese. Sound of gong. Norelle says, "I can barely speak English, and you want me to speak Japanese?" Ha! So self-aware, that one. Jay says that they will be directed by a very well-known and respected director of Japanese commercials, Mr. Zente Yoshie. Mr. Yoshie speaks no English. Gong! So they will be working with a translator as well. Mr. Yoshie looks quite serious and has the hair of a young Rosie O'Donnell. Which, in all fairness, is better than the hair of a contemporary Rosie O'Donnell.

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