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Previously on America's Next Top Model: Yaya was an ass, albeit one who seemed to be good at everything. Mr. Harry T. Rantula terrified Eva, but won the hearts of viewers everywhere. And Toccara, uncharacteristically subdued after weeks of being called a heifer, was sent back to the farm. Six girls remain...who will be eliminated tonight?

New York! The girls each discuss the flaws in their appearance. Norelle says that she wants collagen injections because her top lip is so small. Girl, take a look at one Miss Janice Dickinson and reconsider. Ann wants shoulders that can cut glass, like Norelle's. Nicole says that everyone favors the opposite of what they perceive to be their own flaws -- she likes thin thighs, because hers are thunderous. Yaya -- who should by rights pipe in with, "I like fun and cool people, because my personality is singularly unlikable" -- instead does a little hip-sashaying dance and thinks how much better she is than everybody else.

Ann interviews that the judges have seen potential in her, but have only liked two of her pictures. She says that consistently being at the bottom of the pack is bringing her down. Dude, talk to the girl who has covered all of her mirrors with black velvet and scheduled snout reduction surgery after the holidays.

As Nicole engages in what we are to assume are hilarious antics (but, alas, this can't be proven as we see precisely three seconds of it), Ann conveys shock that the panel thinks that Nicole has no personality. Nicole says that panel is not the place for her to "go in and act like a 'tard." I can't think of many places that would be good for that, unless you are Shaun Cassidy starring in Like Normal People and inviting Virginia to your room to listen to records. Or unless you wear a t-shirt that says, "I don't have cerebral palsy, I'm just drunk" on your first date with Blair's French teacher. And even those are questionable. And now I've just offended even myself. What's in the box, Blair?

Nicole interviews that she doesn't show it all the time, but that she does have personality. She doesn't want to lay it all on the table and let people pick away at it, like so many precious mutilated brownies.

Yaya tosses her head in an arrogant fashion and interviews, "Compared to some of the girls I feel more confident, but I'm not braggy." Cut to footage of her stretching her leg above her head. She adds, "It's so important to still be able to interact with the other girls, because it's easy to sit back and get big-headed." Please. At this point, even Erykah Badu is like, "Girl, you're gonna have to borrow a head wrap from someone else, because mine is just too daggone small." And I love how socializing with the little people is going to keep Yaya grounded.

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