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Dance Hall Days

Kristin is next, and Tyra likes her photo. Kelly likes Kristin's face, but points out that she looks like she's giving Rob a lap dance, on a raft. That actually would take a lot of coordination, and perhaps should be celebrated. Rob says that Kristin is a pretty girl and can't help but look sexy in the photo. However, he adds that every time he works with Kristin, it seems like she's too cool for school and doesn't really want it. He gets out of his chair and asks Kristin if, hypothetically, she were in a casting and he asked her to act like a fool, what she would do. Tyra calls "action," and Kristin runs around behind the judges, screaming halfheartedly while tousling their hair. Kelly rolls her eyes and says that they're actually trying to teach Kristin a lesson. If she were in a casting and did that, Kelly says, they'd throw her out. Tyra then does her own version of acting a fool, which is both terrifying and recalls her famous, "I have never in my life yelled at a girl like!" meltdown of cycle 4. Ahhh, memories! Somewhere, Janice Dickinson got a shiver down the middle of her implant. Kelly gives Kristin a 6, while Rob gives her a 7 and Tyra gives her an 8.

Finally there's Laura. Her shot is a little Barbie meets Rapunzel for Kelly's taste, but she thinks that Laura is doing a fine job of modeling her dress. Rob loves the shot and says that the attention is straight on Laura, and you can see the connection between her and the other model. The fans continue to love Laura, as does Tyra. She wants to buy just about everything that Laura is wearing. Kelly gives Laura an 8, and Tyra and Rob both give her 9s. No one mentions the fact that both she and Leila look completely busted in person.

With the social media scores added in, it's time for the girls to learn who is the best and who will be sent home. Nastasia gets the top photo of the week, with a fan vote of 5.341 and a total score of 39.3. It turns out the fans like the hoochie tooch! Next called is Laura, who gets a fan vote of 5.874 and a total score of 38.9. Leila is called next, with a fan vote of 4.9 and a total score of 34.9. Kristin does NOT look pleased. However, she need not worry. She's called next with a fan vote of 5.274 and a total score of 33.3. This leaves Kiara and Victoria in the bottom two. Victoria is the queen of the story. She knows how to paint a picture, but is unable to deliver on the beautiful narrative that she's come up with. Also, she's a hot fucking mess. Then there's Kiara. Social media is not feeling her, but the judges are. She's got an athletic body along the lines of Gabrielle Reece, but this week she wasn't very impressive. However, she did enough to stay in the competition, with a fan vote of 4.513 and a total score of 32.5. Victoria, with a fan vote of 4.297 and a total score of 31.3, is going to have to do calisthenics all the way home. At least she might finally be able to enjoy a decent meal!

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