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Dance Hall Days

Nastasia is up first for evaluation, and Tyra first notes that she's the challenge winner, then asks her to demonstrate her ability to smize and tooch at the same time. Nastasia does so, and Tyra at least seems impressed. Kelly loves the body posture in Nastasia's photo and says it's a good use of all her angles. She adds that Nastasia is getting better every week. Bryanboy imparts that the fans out there love love love love love Nastasia, and one says that she looks like the princess of the Amazon. That's a good thing. Rob says that not only is her face beautiful, but she tooched her ass off. Tyra, however, thinks that she moved a little into hoochie tooch territory. But Rob says that no one in the competition yet has extended so far, and he gives her a score without anyone even asking. It's a 10! Kelly gives Nastasia an 8, and Tyra gives her a 7 along with an arrest warrant for the crime of hoochie tooching.

The newly returned Leila is up next. Rob thinks that her body looks amazing, and says that she has both the face and the body to be a top model. Bryanboy calls Leila a diamond in the rough. But although he can see a model in her, Leila's shot disappointed a lot of her fans. Kelly is pretty enthusiastic about it, though, saying that she loves the body and everything about the shot. However, Tyra says that the closeup merely shows a pretty girl. The fans brought Leila back because she's a strong model, but this photo belongs in a junk mail catalogue. Kelly and Rob both give Leila an 8, but Tyra gives it a mere 6. Harsh! She's just mad that Leila is standing there and not Allyssa.

Next up is Kiara, who also has to dance upon Tyra's command. Her photo does not get raves. Kelly says that it looks like it's a still from an off-Broadway show, and that Kiara looks like someone who would nail a solo in a dancehall rather than a fashion model. Rob thinks that Kiara isn't connecting with either of her two male models, and is a bit stiff overall. Ironic, since she was so into connecting with Korey in myriad ways. Tyra says that the face in the photo doesn't even look like Kiara, and doesn't show off her bone structure. Rather, she looks like she has a paralyzed mouth. The fans also weren't crazy about the photo, which is no surprise. Kelly and Tyra both give the photo a 6, while Rob gives it a 7.

Then there's Victoria. Kelly starts with an, "Oh God," then greets Victoria, which Tyra says is bad news. Indeed, Kelly says that the photo looks like an advertisement for a Celine Dion show in Atlantic City. From Victoria's foot to her face to her energy, Kelly says that the shot is lacking. Rob agrees that Victoria's face is a little dead, and then also points out that he used to like all of her crazy stories but now feels like she overthinks everything. The social media fans are also not in love with it. Tyra asks Victoria what she thinks, and looks bored with the answer before poor Vic can even speak. Victoria says that it was very frustrating being in the bottom two, but she tried to come back into the competition with gusto and take all of Tyra's advice into consideration. She's disappointed with herself and with the judges' feedback. Kelly and Rob give Victoria a 6, while Tyra gives her a 7, I think out of pity.

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