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Victoria is up first, and Johnny makes the mistake of asking her for her backstory. The clock starts ticking as Victoria says that she is a very affluent woman from a very wealthy family, who want her to end up with Rob (whom she calls, "Mattaa.") And while she's very attracted to...Mattaa...she's also running off with the local bad boy river raft guy. Rob tells us that you want to love Victoria, but then you realize what a crazy fucking mess she is. He worries that she gets too lost in her characters. This is an opportune time for Kristin to tell us that Victoria is very anti-social, and never talks about friends. The only relationship she appears to have is -- you guessed it! -- with her mom. If only Victoria could have chosen her mom to play the part of the river raft guide!

Laura is up next, looking gorgeous as usual. Leila thinks that Laura is scared to see her back in the competition. I think that's slightly true, but Laura is so adept at killing it every week that she probably doesn't have all that much to worry about. Her photo shoot this week seems to be no exception. Leila shoots next, and definitely has the crunkest headwrap. Johnny tells her to act like a haughty bitch, and Leila does just that while also getting a good tooch in. Laura tells us that she is indeed frustrated to have Leila and her high-fashion look back in the competition. She seems slightly worried that Leila will send her home, but with the likes of Kiara and Kristin still in the competition, I suspect that she'll be just fine.

Nastasia is next, and tells us that she's never been in such a predicament as a love triangle. She sure seems to be enjoying snuggling up to Rob, though! She claims that it's acting, but I suspect that if Mrs. Tyra gets wind of it Nastasia will get a trip upriver real quick. Johnny gives Nastasia the highest praise, saying that she knows her angles, played the character, and got a fantastic photo. Then there's Kristin. Johnny instructs her to put her hand on Rob's naked torso, which I'm sure is a real struggle. Photographer William instructs her to adjust her body language a bit, but she doesn't seem to get quite the tooch that he and Johnny were looking for. Johnny tells us that Kristin still struggles with being comfortable with her body, modeling in general, and letting go. He's at a bit of a loss as to why she's still in the competition. Many of the other girls come in and do their thing, he says, but Kristin needs a lot of direction. She looks gorgeous, though, which is no surprise.

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