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Dance Hall Days

Konshens and Jonte' give the girls their critique. Victoria and Leila went hard and didn't care, and managed to smize and tooch in the process. For that reason alone, they get an 8. Konshens liked Kristin and Laura's outfits, and Jonte says that they had great chemistry. They get a 7. Instantly, Kristin looks over at Victoria and Leila with the stankest face you ever have seen. She stares and glares, and stares and glares, and tells us that she's aggravated because she thought her team did way better than Victoria and Leila. Nastasia and Kiara didn't seem like they were having a whole lot of fun, but the choreography was tight and their moves were very Jamaican. They get a 9, and so win the challenge! This is Nastasia's first challenge win and she's quite excited. Kiara is also thrilled, as she now has a total of $30,000 in her scholarship bank. Of course she has to win the competition to get it. Kiara reminds us that she's doing this for her grandmother and her siblings. Her plan is to be on top, and that's it. I'm guessing that she recently amended that to, "On top...of a Jamaican model named Korey."

Kristin and Laura eat snacks in their bedroom and talk about Kiara. Laura says that she didn't know Kiara could dance like that and Kristin responds, "What, like a slut?" In fairness, Kiara DID hump the dirty street. They plan to kick ass in the photo shoot, and Kristin hopes it has a more commercial bent rather than high fashion, so Leila will suck and go home. Kristin continues her anti-Leila rant in the confessional, saying that this competition is looking for a well-rounded model who can do everything, and all Leila is good for is taking photos. Laura agrees, and then Kristin proceeds to call Leila a lucky bitch who popped out with a "fucking gap." So supportive of their fellow models! Just lovely, really!

After a break, the girls head to their photo shoot. They never get their Tyra Mail, and we can only hope this means that P'Trique's plane is lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. The location for the shoot is the Martha Brae River, where Johnny and Rob await, along with Jamaican photographer William Richards. The shoot has a bit of a complicated conceit -- the models will be portraying a woman caught in a love triangle between two men. This woman is in Jamaica with her husband, portrayed by Rob, however, she is also in love with her river raft guide, portrayed by one of the hot male models we met at the beginning of the episode. Each of the ladies gets to choose the male model she wants to work with, and of course Kiara goes straight for Korey. River raft guide attraction realness!

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