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The girls head home to pack, and we are reminded that Laura got her third best photo last week, and also has won three challenges. She knows that the girls see her as fierce competition, but that just makes her push harder. I think she'll make it to the final two, but it would be so great if she got a surprise boot before then. Just to keep things interesting! Also to see how hard she cries. Kiara reminds us that Victoria threw the others under the bus last week at panel, with her charges of bullying. Kiara says that she's been knocked down emotionally and physically, and would never bully anyone. Laura takes it a step further, saying that Victoria is actually the bully since she ignores everyone in the house when they say they're concerned about her health. I mean, I'm no bullying expert, but ignoring people seems like a pretty passive way to bully, does it not? Victoria confessionalizes that her feelings of being bullied have been a huge factor in her appetite or lack thereof. She feels very lonely and -- you guessed it! -- wishes she could talk to her mom. Victoria sends out a message to her mom via the confessional, I guess because she forgot how communication technology works. Kristin tells us that she's quite excited to be going to Jamaica, excepting the fact that Victoria is fucking crazy and Leila is back. Also, Kristin doesn't care for Kiara's photos. And she's thankful for Laura, even though she hates Laura for being so good at everything. Kristin is just a bearer of love and light, truly.

And then we're in Jamaica! Kiara reminds us that she has six brothers and sisters, and this time we actually get to see them. So cute! She says that they don't have any money, and so the $100,000 prize would mean a lot to her. What also is quite meaningful for Kiara is the six hot hotties who await the girls on the bus from the airport. Turns out the show has hooked them up with some Jamaican male models who are here to dazzle us all with a sparkling array of white teeth. The names of the models, we learn via a series of shirtless photos, are Korey, Bobby, Israel, Sean, Shavan, and Leon. Kiara tells us that she's single, and it's been a long time since any of the girls have had interaction with handsome males. But it turns out that getting your flirt on is like riding a bicycle, and soon Kiara is inviting a couple of the models to Vegas. Wait, doesn't she live in California? In any case, Kristin thinks that Kiara is making a fool of herself, though I would conjecture that she's sure having fun doing it.

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