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Dance Hall Days

Victoria starts crying as she says that she's so disappointed. Tyra tells her that she's a strong model, and that a whole lot of models can't think of ANYTHING, much less elaborate storylines for every shoot. Victoria has taken beautiful photos, but Tyra thinks that the stress got the better of her and her pictures got a little bit worse from week to week. Victoria tearfully says that this is frustrating and that she can do better than this. Tyra tells Victoria that she can be a model, but needs to take care of herself first. She then summarily dismisses her with a hug, because she really doesn't want to hear all about Victoria's mental problems. A despondent and partially hyperventilating Victoria tells us that she wanted this so badly. She thinks about her mom who has given her everything. She wanted to be able to achieve this for her mom. Maybe she can go to culinary country cooking school instead? Enjoy your life in Grey Gardens, little Vickie!

Next time: Dolphins! And a waterfall photo shoot! Tyra does her best to convince us that they're dangerous. Don't get our hopes up like that, Banks!

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