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Previously: Victoria narrowly survived elimination, but not even Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy and Smizey could save Brittany. However! Tyra announced that it was time to find out which of the eliminated girls had the highest social media average score and thus would be brought back into the competition. It turns out that Brittany got eliminated just in the nick of time, since she would be included amongst the eliminated ranks!

We get a reminder of exactly who the eliminated girls are. There was super cute Jessie, cut way before her time! And Darian, madam librarian! And who could forget saddest of all sad times Destiny? And Leila of the gapped tooth and duck lips! Then there was fiercely attitudinal Yvonne! And secretly plus-sized all along Allyssa! These models continued to do the photo shoots every week, and were judged by the fans online. But only one of them can join the current contestants. And only one of them will get to go to the season's international location -- Jamaica! You know, Jamaica, fashion capital. Jamaica is the new Milan! Tyra Banks said so!

Tyra begins the process of eliminating the girls one by one, via their social media scores. First to go is Destiny, who had an average score of 4.53. Well, that's a fitting epilogue to her ultra-depressing narrative. Darian is the next one cut, with a social media score of 4.64, followed by Yvonne, who has a score of 4.76. Next is Jessie, with a score of 5.04. Good for her, though, for having a decent showing! Meanwhile, Allyssa is bawling already and looking really desperate. Calm down, bitch! If social media scores were based on dignity right now I'd give you a zero! Brittany is next to be cut, with a social media score of 5.41. She sort of cries and inhales in the manner you'd expect of someone whose dream has been dashed twice in a fifteen minute period.

So it all comes down to Allyssa and Leila! They are both just beside themselves with tears and panic. This would be the perfect time for Tyra to yell out, "Psych! I was just playing. You can all go home." But no! Instead we learn that our returning contestant will be... Leila! She has a score of 5.84 compared to Allyssa's 5.44. So, no big surprise there. Allyssa works on finding out the departure time of the remaining contestants' plane to Jamaica, so she can throw herself in front of it. She is comforted a bit by Tyra who says, "You'll get there. You don't need this to get there." But, I mean, doesn't she? I guess it depends on where, exactly, "there" is. Also not thrilled by Leila's return is Laura. She says that Leila is a strong competitor, particularly in the high-fashion realm. Also, you may remember, they were the worst of frenemies. Leila is thrilled, though, and seems to get through this lack of a warm welcome just fine.

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