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Previously on ANTM: The girls took Shanghai by storm! Shanghai! China! Ni-hao! Eggrolls! Bianca developed a sudden fear of heights when the girls faced a martial arts challenge, and Heather and Lisa stunk up their Cover Girl commercial shoots so much that one might think they were promoting shimmery shiny dog poo. Lisa was sent back to foster care, and five bitches remain.

We begin with Heather reliving how terribly she did in her Cover Girl commercial. She notes that she had to have her lines read to her. Bianca tells her not to sweat it, but Heather says that Jay thought she had an advantage. Cut to an interview with Chantal, in which she said that Lisa should not have gone home. And I thought everyone hated Lisa! The Heather backlash must be stronger than I had previously imagined. Chantal says that if she had had lines fed to her, it probably wouldn't have been acceptable. Eh. Don't they do that every year with the people who really suck? Heather interviews that her Asperger's does affect the way she pays attention and reacts around people. She adds with frustration that she was trying so hard.

Jenah says to some of the others that she doesn't feel like this is a modeling competition anymore -- it's a personality competition, and that pisses her off. Okay, it took her nine seasons and ten weeks to figure that out? With all the focus on Heather's disability, no one realized that Jenah suffers from dumb-assbergers. Primary symptoms include large, protruding teeth and delusional tendencies. The latter comes into play as Jenah says that she's killing it. In an interview, Jenah defends her personality, which was attacked by the judges last week. She says that she's cynical and sarcastic, and just because she's not a bubbly asshat like Saleisha, it doesn't mean that she doesn't have a personality. We see Saleisha jumping up and down on the bed, squealing and going, "OhmygoshohmygoshohmyGOSH!" Okay, Jenah has a point.

Tyra Mail! "Tomorrow it will time to 'zou' and 'jian.' Love, Tyra." That would mean they'll be going and seeing, of course. Saleisha interviews, "Go-sees! Go-sees!" She for sure has some sort of disability, too, and in fact maybe won the shotput competition in the Special Olympics. She's got the hair for it, after all. Not that that, the T-Zone Camp connection, or the fact that she modeled on Tyra's talk show gives her an advantage at all. Anyhoo, the girls head to PT Models, where they meet the agency's managing director, Susan Yang, and Shan Ji Ya, one of the agency's successful models. Susan explains to the girls that a go-see is a meeting with a client, wherein the client decides whether to book you for a job. Saleisha preemptively calls this the best challenge ever. Susan says that in Shanghai, they're looking for girls with a good face, but also a good personality. Cut to Heather interviewing, "Honestly I don't know how I'm going to do. I do have a tendency of having a little problem with first impressions." Another symptom of Asperger's is apparently a wild predilection for understatement. The girls will visit five of the top Shanghai fashion designers, and the model who impresses the most designers will win the challenge. Susan says that Tyra has prepared the girls' portfolios for them. Yeah, I'm sure she was up all night rubber-cementing the photos, rather than browbeating a local restaurateur into renaming his special dish "Ty-Ty Beef" in her honor. Each girl will get a car to take them to the designers' whereabouts, as well as a translator. Susan tells them to be back by 6:00 PM, and adds the warning, "Don't be late." Shan Ji Ya gives a little bit of generic advice. I think she's just there to prove that there are some tall people in China.

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