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Previously: Nnenna got freaky with a male model in mock Africa, much to the despair of her clingy and skinnily mustached boyfriend. Brooke sucked balls in her photo shoot, while Furonda magically appeared to be not ugly, and consequently ruled. Gina finally confronted Jade, and thus her storyline was over and she was sent home. Nine girls remain!

It is evening at Murderous Mansion. Brooke -- who faced near-elimination at the most recent Panel -- notes that since Gina was in the bottom two one week and eliminated the next, Brooke will be gone this week if the pattern holds. Leslie and Sara argue that this isn't true, and Brooke yells, in a frenzied way, "What do I know?" Well, approximately as much as your average fourth-grader, but that's beside the point. She says, "I'm not Tyra," to which I hope she adds, "I mean, my thighs are skinny." Brooke interviews that she was in the bottom two because she has tons of potential but can't take a good photograph. I do like Brooke, I have to say, both for her sweet personality and her unconventional brand of beauty.

In another part of the house, Mollie Sue monotones that, before the judges say anything to her at the next Panel, she wants to go, "Let me show you some Mollie." She interviews that she's frustrated because her personality is such a big part of her, but no one's seeing it. Out at the hot tub, Mollie ostensibly proves that she has charisma by saying that she's goofy, makes funny faces, and farts. Well, she never said it was a good personality. In other news, you could really see the final two coming a mile away in this episode, couldn't you?

In yet another part of the house, Nnenna is on the phone. Ugh. I am so sick of this whole freaky boyfriend business. As I have been telling all of my friends recently, just become a lesbian. You're so much better off, and not only because if you date someone around the same size you can double your wardrobe. Nnenna tells her boyfriend John that she was very depressed when she went to sleep the night before (after, presumably, she told him that she smooched a male model during a shoot and John hung up on her). John says that she should think about how depressed he's been the whole time she's been away. Way to be supportive, asshole. Nnenna interviews that John is insecure about certain things because of the incident with the model. I somehow think it goes deeper than that, but okay. John is practically crying on the phone and says, "Don't do this to me, I know something's up." Nnenna -- displaying a notable lack of emotion -- tells John that she doesn't want to argue anymore, and that things have gone far enough. She interviews that she does care about John, but that he's distracting her competitive focus. I'm sorry, but Nnenna does not care for John. Neither do I, though, so I can't fault her for that. Actually, I hate them both. Nnenna sits with Jade and says she's done and that the relationship is over. Jade appears to be surprised. And I just want you to take a moment here and note that Nnenna is hanging out with Jade. The only reasons for this possibly to occur are because (a) Nnenna secretly sucks, and (b) Nobody likes Nnenna, probably because she secretly sucks. I guess it could actually be that no one else is awake or around, too. But keep your eye on Nnenna, is all I'm saying.

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