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The Returns
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We enter with the remaining eight models riding home after panel, and wondering with great anticipation what will be on JourdanVision when they return home. Yes, Jourdan had the best photo of the week once again, making her the only model to have that distinction three times. She of course is feeling quite thrilled about the whole matter, which she should be, but also it's annoying. Ah, the conundrum of how to feel about an irritating person's success. Are they the asshole, or are you? It's a question for the ages. Meanwhile, some of the others can't believe that Jiana went home. Phil reminds us that it was one-tenth of a point that sent Jiana home instead of him. He of course had a special connection with her, and tells us that this competition has not been a breeze for him either. Marvin interviews that this was Phil's third week in the bottom two, and his aggression and attitude sometimes get the best of him. To wit, we get a flashback of Phil chucking a giant rock and breaking a fence on set. And who wants to deal with that, particularly when it's attached to history's scraggliest weave? (Yes, scragglier than that of Scarlett on Nashville, and yes, I am so excited that show is coming back this week!)

Phil notes that his social media score was a lowly four, and Renee theorizes that some of the eliminated contestants must have had really high scores. We are reminded that the heretofore booted contestants have been participating in all of the photo shoots, and still have a chance of coming back into the competition based on social media scores. And then talk turns to the fact that there are five guys and three girls remaining, with Don noting that even though the guys are ahead, Jourdan is "doing her thing" and pretty much dominating the competition. Once home, the models gawk at Jourdan's best-of-week photo displayed as digital art with a mixture of admiration and aggravation. Renee tells us that Jourdan did deserve the best photo of the week, but Renee herself came in second and also got a 10 from Tyra. But second place is the first loser, and so Renee intends to work her ass off and give Jourdan a run for her money. And, I would add, trash talk her a bunch while doing so.

And then, even though these two hate each other, Jourdan invites Renee to share in the Tyra Suite with her. Renee gives her a big hug, which might have been less enthusiastic had she heard Jourdan interviewing that she wasn't so impressed by Renee's pageant-girl (and may I add cross-eyed) photo at all. However, choosing her to share the Tyra Suite gives the opportunity for Jourdan to mention to Renee incredulously that this is her third best photo and thus rub it in. Also, says Jourdan, Renee is a bitch, but you've got to keep your friends close and enemies closer. I just wouldn't fall asleep too soundly, or drink anything that she didn't pour herself.

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