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Camille-y Mouthed

Anyway, tears tears tears. April folds like so much blank paper to show us how emotional and human she is, as Sara doesn't need any help pointing out the flaws of humanity as she explains, "It's weird because you're looking at a blank piece of paper. But it's got so much on it." Well, hike up your trousers and hitch them wagons westward, because that is some bona fide confessional gold we're panning for right there. Tasha Smith-Arqese then tells them to rip up the paper: "Rip it up! Rip it up! Rip it up!" They do. Tearfully. Just at this moment, Camille enters, and Tasha Smith-Arqese stops everything to ask her her name. Camille canvasses the situation and confessionalizes an utterly sympathetic "Oh. My. God." From your lips to god's ears, Camille. Seeing as her lips have continued their ascent upwards, that's actually a much shorter trip than the metaphor even indicates.

Two girls sit on stage and quietly whisper what the other person says. Sara weeps about her crappy, model-y father, Shandi screams "I hate you" to her dad, here understudied by Mercedes, I think. Everyone cries. There's an actual crying montage, which Shandi does a bit too well when she's caught mid-nose-drool without a tissue. Meanwhile, Camille sits in the empty room, her eyes fixed toward the top of her head and the intellectual part of her making a strong mental look, "Remember to look up 'bemused.' Because I think that's probably exactly what I am right now."

A brilliant and fittingly used page from the ANTM playbook comes in the form of Yoanna and Camille sitting across from one another on stage, Tasha Smith-Arqese presiding over the inevitable emotional outpouring. The one that doesn't come. "Mom, you are my strength," Camille starts, smiling. Tasha Smith-Arqese steps in and tells her to deal with "things that are not so easy," asking if she's angry at anyone. She says she's not, but a weird cut later Tasha Smith-Arqese deduces that Camille's not that thrilled with Yoanna. Tasha Smith-Arqese notes to Camille -- whom she's already pretty damn sour on -- "And you obviously did something to her, too," insisting that they just get it all out now. Yoanna smirks with a self-righteous "okay," and we're off. Camille says calmly and evenly that she feels hurt by the judgments of her that people level in the house, which causes Tasha Smith-Arqese to scream, "You're sucking right now!" Camille insists that she's trying, and Tasha Smith-Arqese shoots back that she feels like Camille is wearing "a mask" (nah, just some novelty Halloween KrazyLips is all), finishing, "God bless you and your career, but you're just boring." Tasha Smith-Arqese then hands out a scene they have to act out the following day, and sends them home. Camille notes in a confessional that acting might be her "downfall." Now might not be the time to get lippy with the..oh, sorry.

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