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The Girl Who’s Scared of Clowns

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Send in the Clowns
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We enter with the contestants returning home to find Cory's best-of-week video displayed as digital art. He stomps, he douses himself in Questionable body spray, he looks like a woman, which for once is okay. Marvin totally wants to do cross-dressed Cory, which frankly comes as very little surprise to me. Jeremy notes that the video serves as a sort of "rest in peace" tribute to Alex, who was eliminated last week. Jiana cries about being in the bottom two, noting that she was too close for comfort to elimination. And does anyone actually remember the show Too Close for Comfort with Ted Knight and a bunch of ladies and Jim J. Bullock? If Cory invites four women to share in his Tyra Suite I feel like they could do a modern reinterpretation. Instead, he just picks Jiana, feeling bad for her near-elimination depression. Just when you think that it's a missed opportunity, Phil enters in the Jim J. Bullock role, which is to say he just stands there and annoys everybody. He compliments Jiana on how hot she looks, then tries on some pants from the Guess closet and then gets on Cory's last nerve. We learn a few things. First, Jiana doesn't seem interested in being Phil's faux-second girlfriend anymore. Second, Phil has ADHD, which I guess explains some things.

We cut to Chris and Nina, talking in her bedroom. They were teamed on the last challenge and kissed each other as part of the shoot, which, wacka wacka. Nina interviews that Chris means a lot to her, and it's been nice to have him by her side. He tells her that he genuinely loves and cares for her and feels that the next time they're partnered, they'll know that they'll kill it. Meanwhile, Cory lounges and sips from a Top Model mug and says he'd like to draw a map of who has the hots for whom and, in turn, who doesn't have the hots for whom. Jeremy says that he's not looking to hook up, and Cory calls bullshit on his Jourdan-loving ass. Jeremy explains that he and Jourdan are good friends, and have been paired up on a number of challenges in which they've had to maul each other, but she has a boyfriend and he's not trying to break up a relationship. Plus, she can't stand him… so there's that.

And then there's Marvin, who along with Don and Jeremy, decides to kill some time by pranking the girls. They have masking tape and tape shoes, panties, forks and other miscellany all around the girls' room. This is what happens when you don't give people access to TV and the Internet! It seems innocent now, but just you wait until Bozo is involved. Jourdan exclaims shock when she sees the tape but overall thinks it's funny, and none of the other girls seem too bent out of shape about it. This wasn't the reaction that the guys were hoping for, but Jeremy sees potential for future, more dastardly pranks related Renee and Kanani's fear of clowns. Little do they know the serious psychological implications that will occur! The girls sit together in the bathtub and talk about boys versus girls in the world series of love (and modeling), leading me to wonder why the guys don't put down the tape and spend more time figuring out how to be audience members for the ladies' group bubble baths. The ladies make a pack to stick together and try to get rid of the guys, which means a momentary truce between Renee and Jourdan at least.

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