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Achilles Ankle
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The contestants return home to their luxury manor after last week's panel to find Mike's best-of-week photo displayed as digital art. Mike wasn't expecting such accolades to fall his way, largely because he's a terrible model. He says he's the kind of person who wants to do well in anything he does, which is how he because a server on an ice cream truck. Mike invites Jeremy to share in the Tyra Suite with him, because he's got de-virginizing on his mind. Jeremy tells us that he'd love to be a Guess model, but he's the new guy with no experience in the modeling world. Until he figures out his body and his face, he thinks his chances are low. Well, way to enact some positive visualization there, buddy.

Meanwhile, Jourdan tells us that she has no plan B if she doesn't win this competition. She has no job, and has been living with her boyfriend's parents, which is less than ideal. She wonders when she'll get a turn to shine. Poor Jordan: so pretty and dull. We then cut to Chris carrying Nina around. It turns out that she twisted her ankle during casting week. Boo hoo, you might think, until you see flashback footage of her prancing around in giant platform boots and wielding a hula hoop. That one is your own fault, my friend. It apparently hurts quite a bit, and also has the unfortunate side effect of giving her a wonky eye in her interviews. Nina tells us that modeling is her dream, and she dropped out of school and moved back in with her parents so she could be in this competition. And I mean, I can see how getting to humiliate yourself on television for a few months would be more appealing than prepping for a career in middle management.

Chris holds ice on Nina's ankle and tells us that they have a great friendship. Also, basically, she's the only person who is nice to him. And, side note, he's just holding an actual chunk of ice on her ankle. Not wrapped up in a towel or anything, just, like, a big chunk that he ripped from a glacier with his bare hands to soothe the joints of his true lady love. The producers don't give them a first aid kit or anything? As Chris recounts to Nina her ideal ankle stretching regimen, Mike walks in to give the group an urgent message. He says that everyone is going to get phone time the next morning, but only about five minutes. Chris interjects with some comment related to the fact that it's five minutes, and Mike reflexively tells him to shut the fuck up. "Did he really just tell me to shut the fuck up?" asks Chris. Yes. Yes he did, and we all heard it.

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