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Kiara is next, and she and Rob each hold on to the trunk of some little tree. It's a very weird pose. Rob says that Kiara held back, which is too bad since her athleticism could have made for some fantastic pictures. He was expecting a bit more. At one point they do a pose that involves Kiara sort of standing on Johnny's shoulder as he kneels down just in front of Rob, on the junk-facing side. Johnny shields the Rob wang with his hands, thereby missing what many would deem a golden opportunity.

Meanwhile, fucking Maria is sitting in the makeup room being sullen. Johnny comes in (completely organically and naturally! I'm sure this particular scene wasn't set up to dramatically reenact Maria's departure at all!) to let her know that she's on deck, and she tells him that she doesn't think she's going to do it. Johnny says that bailing on this shoot will be a major setback. He knows that she's been doubting whether she wants to be there pretty much the whole time. Maria says that she's probably not into the whole thing enough, or else she would have taken the makeover. Johnny asks whether she means into the shoot or into being there more generally, and she means the latter. She's realizing that modeling might not be what she wants to do. Johnny says that Tyra was psyched to have a Harvard girl on the show, and they all see so much potential in her, but that doesn't change Maria's mind. She wants to go home. Maria tells us yet again that modeling isn't for her and she doesn't feel passionate about it. She's decided to withdraw from the competition. As a van takes her away and she fades from the group photo, we head to commercials.

When we return, Johnny announces to the other girls that Maria is out of the competition. Many tears are shed at this great loss! No, just kidding. Laura actually says, "Good!" One dullard gone, and that's that. Kristin is next to shoot with Rob, and is a bit of a disappointment on set. Rob says that she is almost too pretty, and acts like she can take a picture without even trying. He doesn't like that. And he's someone who is definitely too pretty and really can take a picture without even trying. Destiny is quite worried, and also sad that her hair won't be able to blow in the wind. How many roads must a model walk down before she doesn't have such a hair complex? Johnny thinks that Destiny isn't owning her rock 'n' roll look, while Tony is unimpressed at her lack of expression. Eventually, though, Rob seduces her into what seems like a decent shot. He's a really helpful modeling partner, and not only because of his flawless abs.

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