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Tyra tells Darian that she has such a personality and effervescence, and really wants this opportunity. She knows that Darian wishes she could do it all over again. And then Tyra says, "Well guess what?" Darian falls to her knees, in an actual begging position, because clearly she thinks that Tyra is going to spare her given Maria's voluntary departure. But then Tyra proves who is the realest-ass bitch of all by saying that every girl who is eliminated this cycle will get a chance to come back. They'll compete in every photo shoot (likely so there wouldn't be spoilers about who was eliminated back when all of these were posted for online votes), and fans will vote for one person to come back. Darian is like, "...Okay." That was so mean! Though I guess if I had the opportunity to raise and then cruelly dash the hopes of wannabe models, I'd probably jump on it too. Darian is disappointed and devastated, but pretends to be excited about the chance to come back amidst all of the sadness of elimination. In the most lackluster way possible, she says that she knows she can come back and win this thing. That's the spirit?

Next week: Tyler Perry facilitates some sort of acting challenge, and Kristin tries really hard to get Destiny to hit her. That seems like it wouldn't be too hard to make happen, right?

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