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Next we have Nastasia, and boy does she ever look like my cat Nula in her photos. Nula is a Maine Coon, so VERY fluffy at the head and neck with a pointy little face, and also just slightly cross-eyed. I mean this all as a compliment. Kelly loves Nastasia's energy and body, and of course her hair. Rob says that he doesn't know any model working in the industry today who has the same hair, so that's going to be her signature. Tyra's only complaint is that the photo makes her look too petite, and so it's important to elongate her body. Nastasia gets a 7 from Kelly, a 9 from Rob, and a 6 from Tyra.

Finally there's Allyssa. She looks like a Victoria's Secret model, in a really good way. Cutrone tells her that she could sell anything with her body, and Tyra loves a girl who inhales in a photo. Tyra herself has been doing a lot of inhaling lately, and we see some of the crazed results. Top of her game, that one. Tyra calls Allyssa the baby of Megan Fox and J. Lo, and Melissa is obviously pleased at the comparison. The fans online love it too. Allyssa gets an 8 from Kelly, a 9 from Rob, and a 10 from Tyra.

Eleven made over girls stand before Tyra, but she only has ten photos in her hands. And those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The social media scores have been included in the final results. And Victoria gets best photo of the week! Her fan score was 6.2, for a total score of 34.2. She is of course overwhelmed, and I'm sure wishes she could have her mom join her in the Tyra Suite. Brittany is called next, and her total score was a 33.9 with a fan vote of 4.9. I thought the fans liked her this time? Allyssa is called next. She had a total score of 32.9, with a fan vote of 5.9. Then there's Leila, with a score of 32.2 and fan vote of 6.2. Laura is called next, with a fan vote of 6.0 and a total score of 32.0. Nastasia has a final score of 28.1, with a fan vote of 6.1. Kristin is called next, with the highest fan score of 6.9 and a total of 27.9. Then it's Destiny, with a fan vote of 5.1 and a total score of 25.1. Kiara is called next, with a fan vote of 4.1 and a total score of 24.1.

This leaves Darian and Yvonne in the bottom two. Two girls, one photo, etc. Darian is crying, though Yvonne remains stoic. Until Tyra tells her that she is stunning, that is. Tyra says that the public didn't like Yvonne's photo as much as she did, and neither did the other judges. That's why she's there. And then there's Darian. She's beautiful, but her lips are too pushy in photos. And then it is the moment of truth. Darian and Yvonne both have 16 points from the judges, and so their social media scores will determine who goes home. I'm sure that wasn't on purpose just to try and validate this process or anything. Numbers flip by on the screen like this is The Biggest Loser, and we see that Yvonne squeaks through by the tiniest of margins. She got a fan score of 4.81, while Darian got a fan score of 4.78. Three hundredths of a point! I'm sure there's a hanging chad somewhere to blame.

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