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Previously: something about a granola bar. Also, Kim was eliminated. Four girls remain!

And now, gentle readers, I must veer off-topic for a moment and let you know that my friend Matt and I still need a band name. We're a little bit country, and a little bit rock n' roll, and nameless. We have whittled down the selection of potential names and now entrust you, fans of Television Without Pity, to make the final decision. Unless you pick something that we don't like at all, in which case your vote counts the same as, like, Twiggy's. But anyway, see the poll to the right!

It is night. Nicole confessionalizes that she thought Bre would be eliminated, but instead, Kim was. She says that she doesn't trust Bre because of the stupid shit she's pulled. Well, the "stupid shit" might be a bit of editorializing on my part. Flashback to Nicole's confrontation with Bre, in which Bre refused to pay for or replace Nicole's Red Bull. Nicole is very sad that Kim was eliminated, and will miss her in the house.

The next morning, Bre and Jayla hang out in the hotel room. Bre says that she's tired of people taking her stuff and being inconsiderate. Jayla interviews that Bre and Nicole are upset at one another, and that it's all over "a frickin' granola bar." She says it in a way that demonstrates she is fully appreciative of the stupidity of GranolaGate. Bre cries a little and says that nobody there sees her as a good person, but that she is a good person. To which I say, bullshit. She is maybe a mediocre person on her best days. She says with an evil-looking grin that she knows Nicole disliked her before, but now Nicole hates her. And if that is the case -- which it kind of is -- you can't really blame Nicole. Bre interviews that her position in the competition has been tarnished, and all over a stupid granola bar. At least she realizes the dumb-asshishness of the whole situation. She says that she knows she's wrong for not apologizing, but that she guesses she just doesn't care. And that's because she's hardheaded. And speaking of hardheaded, thank you to everyone who emailed to correctly identify the bitchy twig lady whose name I couldn't remember in my last recap as the estimable Miss Hickory, and for reminding me that her head was made of a nut -- hence the literal hardheadedness. And how awesome would it be if a squirrel stole Bre's head, just like what happened to Miss Hickory, and she had to look for a new one? Except then maybe she'd find an actually modelesque one and win the competition, which would be totally unacceptable and maybe even against the rules, on account of it not really being her own head. Anyway, I digress. But Miss Hickory is fierce!

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