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Speaking of, Rebecca leaves the emergency room wearing her hospital gown over jeans and says she's fine. She explains that she's had vagus nerve problems since she was three, and that her condition is not life-threatening, but inconvenient and scary. She interviews that she was scared that she'd be eliminated for not being at the full judging. Tyra talks to her when she returns to make sure that she's okay and wants to continue. She tells Rebecca to, in the future, sit down when she needs to and listen to what her body is saying. When Janice listens to her body, she hears a lot of grinding mechanical parts and it smells like burning tires. Rebecca is thankful that she wasn't cut...yet. She adds the "...yet," and I don't know what that means.

The following girls are still in the running toward becoming America's Next Top Model: Keenyah, Tatiana, Rebecca, Tiffany, Lluvy, Naima, Christina, Brandy. And at this, Michelle reaches over and massages Kahlen on the shoulder for some reason. And that reason is lady lustin'. And it reads burlap to me. Also still in the running are: Noelle, Michelle, and Kahlen. This leaves Brittany and Sarah. Brittany's sexuality is way too strong, and too "XXX" for the fashion industry. The judges wonder if Sarah can see her own loveliness. That's a stupid reason. Brittany is in. Sarah is out. She hugs the other girls and leaves. She says she feels that she has a lot more natural talent than some of the remaining girls do: "You have, like, Brittany next to me, like porn princess. High-fashion model? I don't think so. Please. Don't make me vomit." Don't hold back there or anything, oh gracious one. She says she grew up the ugly duckling and once again has proven to herself that she's not good enough. Too bad, so sad. Don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave.

Coming up on ANTM: The girls are on a tennis court. While Michelle is excited to meet her idol Martina Navratilova, tensions run high among some of the girls. Brandy gets all pissed off, and Tiffany lets loose with an "All y'all bitches are evil." Three cheers for the return of BeerWeave!

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