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A Schlock And Bull Story

Michelle goes next, and Nigel gets down on the ground for the shoot. He says that he was inspired by Michelle because she used the fear and modeled. Nigel tells her that he has twenty frames left, and that he wants to see her really go for it. Michelle interviews that she was upset at Nigel and Jay going into this, because her sister got a really bad critique. Thus, she decided to go for it, and make her sister look even worse. Well done, twin! Jay says that Michelle sold him in the last twenty frames by doing things that came much more naturally to her. Therefore, she looked like a model. And a little like she should be working at Chick-Fil-A at the mall food court. I go back and forth on the twins sometimes.

And then there is Melrose. Jay says that she was so worried about impressing Nigel and impressing him that she wasn't thinking or engaging in the shoot at all. She was just giving them poses. Nigel says that Melrose wasn't the star of the shoot. At this point in the competition, all of the other girls are rising. In other words, Melrose has to watch her back. Well, good.

And then there's Caridee, who is wearing some short-ass hot pants. She interviews that she really wanted to do well for Nigel. She starts posing, and Jay tells her that it looks too pin-up girl-slash-porno star. She also has a big pimple on her ass. What's up with that? Nigel says that Caridee was too over-the-top.

After the shoot, Caridee comes up to Nigel and says that she's sorry if she offended him, and that she was totally joking. Nigel says that, joke or no joke, in the reality of the world, she has to be careful. She knows him but doesn't know him, and if she says things she regrets, she puts herself in a position that she doesn't have to be in. They're doing this weird thing with the stick where they're both grabbing it, and soft music is playing, and it looks like they're on the set of Threesome Del Toro or something. Co-starring Rocco Ziffredi as Del Toro, even though he's Italian. Jay says that Caridee clearly offended Nigel, and let that get to her. She knew that she did a poor job. Ooooh. Caridee interviews that there's a really big chance that she will be eliminated, and with that, the bull shoot is over.

Tyra Mail! Some kind of bitch is going home. Amanda notes that they'll probably be harsh on her at Panel, because she did not have a good week. Eugena says that Amanda is in trouble this week, and that Caridee could be in trouble, too. Caridee hopes that her comment to Nigel won't prohibit her from moving on in the competition. As Michelle picks the apparently soldered-on flowery appliqué from her face, taking a good quantity of skin with it, she voices over that she never envisioned herself being this close to becoming America's Next Top Model: "I want it, but I don't know if I have it," which is exactly the same clip that was used in the first segment of this episode. Amanda says that, based on Michelle's performance at the photo shoot, she probably has a good chance of staying this week. This makes Amanda worried for herself. Some sisterly rivalry is in the works! Commercials.

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