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The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth

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A Schlock And Bull Story

The girls get made up. While Nigel is inside prepping, Jay calls the girls together outside to discuss Caridee's remark. He tells the girls that that is not the kind of comment you make to a judge or a photographer, because those are both people who could hire you in the future. He tells the girls they need to realize that they have to give Nigel respect. Not only is he shooting them in a very difficult and dangerous situation, but he is there to decide their fates as models, so sock it to him, sock it to him, sock it to him, sock it to him. Caridee looks sullen, and notes to the other girls that she was totally joking. She asks if it was wrong to say that. Caridee interviews that she didn't mean to be mean -- that's just her humor -- but once it was brought to her attention, it made her think twice. She says that she didn't want to upset a judge, and that if she could take it back, she would. In Makeup, Caridee tells Melrose that Nigel doesn't like her. Melrose says, "Dude, I mean, you told him to pull the thing out of his ass." Touché, Melissa Rose. I will admit that she has her moments. Melrose interviews that it's better to have Nigel on your side than against you.

Amanda stretches out, saying that she didn't do well at the challenge and that the week has been shaky overall, so she's nervous. Jay tells her that if the bull handlers yell, "Run," it's not meant to panic her. Ummmm...okay. It's just meant to make her go behind the wall. Because otherwise, the bull will impale her. That's just cause for panic, I think. Amanda looks scared. This conversation conveniently takes place right in front of an ambulance. In Spain, ambulances are white, blue, and orange. We know this because the camera lingers lovingly on the ambulance, and fills my head with visions of sugar plums Melrose on a stretcher. Christmas is coming early!

Meanwhile, there is a bull, and there is Nigel. Eugena is the first to go and be photographed. She says that if a bull comes at her, she's running. That's sensible. Eugena holds the Nigel ass-stick. Jay tells her to use it like it's a matador's cape. Nigel tells Eugena that this is her moment, so she shouldn't freeze up on him now. And then, Eugena is a total rock star. She's just really graceful and has some great poses. Nigel says that this is the first time he's seen a real model in Eugena. Jay say that Eugena used her fear, which shows that she's a professional model. Well, I don't know if I'd go that far.

Amanda is next, and is more scared of working with Nigel than she is the bull, because Nigel has more influence over her life. The bull totally charges at Amanda and she has to run. Okay, that's pretty scary. Amanda kind of sucks. Nigel says that she was awkward, and that it seemed like one part of her body was modeling and the other wasn't. Michelle tries to get some info from Amanda about why she did so badly, but Amanda just gets really annoyed and snaps at her. Shut up, poor loser twin.

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