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A Schlock And Bull Story

Meanwhile, Melrose gets her third go-see with designer Victoriano Simon.

Designer Julie Sohn loved Eugena and says she looks good, but that she's a bit serious.

And meanwhile, the twins still haven't made it to their first go-see. As they struggle to read their map...

...Melrose sits all evil-like in a cab. She says that she didn't need a little counterpart buddy, and that she'd better win, because she worked her ass off today. Oh, shut up. Commercials.

When we return, the twins finally seem to be stumbling upon something.

Melrose interviews that she was trying to get to as many go-sees as possible, because that clearly improves your chances of winning.

Amanda and Michelle can't figure out what street signs look like in Barcelona. Amanda interviews that she's bad at directions, and can't even get around Anaheim, where she's lived all her life. The twins finally get to designer Julie Sohn. It took an hour for them to get there, and then they're putting on makeup outside. Amanda says that she feels a little competition with her sister because they look the same, but that she still wants Michelle to do "good" [sic]. Michelle goes first. She interviews that she's always been a tomboy and has never had a dream of being a model. She says, "I want it, but I don't know if I have it." O...kay. As Julie Sohn notes, Michelle walks like shit. Seriously, that girl is awkward in heels. Julie Sohn says that she might use her for catalogue, but not for runway.

Caridee and Eugena are still trucking. They go to designer Minerva Ruiz. Caridee says that she thinks she did "good" [sic]. If I made a donation to Bankable Productions, do you think they could get an on-set tutor to teach these girls the difference between "well" and "good"? Caridee says that she walked about a million times, and looked like a killer tomato in her weird red jumpsuit, but that it was fun.

Melrose gets to designer Roberto Verino, which is her fourth go-see. She says that the best part of her strategy for this challenge was to go without a partner, because when it all comes down to it, each of them is in this on her own.

With only an hour left, the twins have to split up. Amanda goes in to see designer Julie Sohn, who says that she's amazed how different the twins are, and notes that Amanda is much better than her sister. Oooh, burn.

Eugena walks for Minerva Ruiz, who scowls.

Melrose gets to yet another go-see. That makes five. Michelle runs into her, and is startled at that stat. Melrose notes that the twins are on her ass now, and that she has to go.

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