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The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth

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A Schlock And Bull Story

Tyra Mail! "Only the Elite will continue on in the competition. Get ready to See who will Go and who will stay." Oooh, the capital letters provide a clue! I wonder what it all means.

Well, of course it means that the girls are going on go-sees. They first meet Pancho Saula, Director of Elite Barcelona. He has assembled ten designers to see the girls. The designers will evaluate the girls on their appearance, runway walk, personality, and portfolios. If the girls see more designers, they'll have more chances to land a job. Pancho says that Spaniards love girls who smile and have a lot of energy. Each girl gets her portfolio and a map of Barcelona, and Pancho tells them that they have to be back to the agency by 6:00 PM. Melrose astutely notes that this is the most important rule.

Once outside, some are alliances formed. Caridee notes that, given that the map was in Spanish and the whole situation was a little stressful, she had a feeling that she was in for a tough time. Eugena says that she was planning on going by herself, but that she didn't want to get lost, and then Caridee wanted to team up. So those two go off together. And then the twins just sort of naturally teamed up. You would expect that. Melrose says her strategy was to go by herself, and have a great day of getting away from the other hos.

And the strategy seems like a good one, as we see that Melrose is the first to meet a designer. She tells designer Julia Cher at Sita Murt that she went to school for fashion design. She went to school for that shit? Is there an organization that does university decreditation? Melrose does an okay job.

Eugena gets a go-see under her belt at Roberto Verino. Manager Susana Castano says that Eugena has some possibilities in the modeling profession.

Caridee dashes into Sita Murt. She says that she's going for quality and impressing the designers, and is just being herself. Julia Cher immediately tells Caridee to take off her necklace, and notes to us that it's a bad idea to wear any kind of jewelry on a go-see, because models should be blank canvases.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Michelle have no clue what they're doing.

Melrose gets in another go-see with designer Jorge Paulo de Oliviera Terra. I love how Spanish people have so many names. She also tells him that she went to school for fashion design, and her schmoozing seems to have worked as he says that she has a nice personality.

Caridee and Eugena then go to a go-see together. Cari interviews that she hopes she impresses the Spanish designers. She is being herself, and being herself can either get her far, or she can put her foot in her mouth. She jokes with a designer by asking if she gets to keep the outfit she's wearing. Eugena looks on with a scowl.

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