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A Schlock And Bull Story

Anyway, Tyra asks the girls to talk about critique, and to identify the harshest thing they have each heard about themselves in the judging room. Michelle says that hearing that she looked like a four-year-old walking in her mothers' heels was harsh. But true. Truer than true, in fact. Caridee says that last week was a big blow for her, and we flash back to Nigel saying that she looked like a crazy drunkard in her commercial. But again...kind of true. I mean, she looks a little like a crazy drunkard right now. She says that she wants to represent ANTM and the judges in a respectful and good way. Representing the show in a good way starts with banging the extras, apparently. Melrose says that hearing at the first panel that she photographs old was like a dagger. Again, a dagger of truth. I think that what these girls have a hard time with is people being honest. Eugena says that she's used to getting ripped to shreds by panel and is a little immune to it, but that hearing she was a disappointment to Tyra was hard. She says quite eloquently that you don't want to be a disappointment. Tyra picked the girls and had such high hopes for them, and to get there and feel like she was throwing it away made Eugena feel disappointed in herself. I love Eugena. Her skin is terrible, and she was really annoying at the beginning of the season, but she is secretly awesome. ["She is secretly a master strategist, too. All of that was exactly what Tyra always wants to hear." -- Wing Chun] Amanda says that Mr. Jay said that he wasn't sure if she should be in the competition anymore, and that was really harsh. Amanda doesn't have such a way with words.

Tyra tells the girls that, after this competition she wants them to be strong enough to lift their heads up high and be able to handle everything and anything that comes their way. She wants them to speak well, look great, be intelligent (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE) and know this industry. And if Tyra has to say things that make the girls hate her, and if their fans hate her (NEWSFLASH, EINSTEIN: THEY ALREADY DO), so be it. Tyra's going to sacrifice herself for them. Wow, that's really noble. Tyra does well at sacrificing herself for people, like her staff, for instance. Tyra tells the girls that she's going to be harsh and strong in judging, but that it's coming from a place of love, and a place of "mama." Oh, the place of mama. I know it well. Tyra then says -- and this I have to quote directly right now -- "And the one thing that's important to know is that when you're getting coached and trained with something, it's the worst feeling in the world. And you reject it. You're like, 'Ugh.' But then when you're in the jungle, and the things are happening that that coach said, you're like, 'DAMN! Oh my gosh, it's coming true!' One day it's gonna hit you and you'll be like, 'Dang, Tyra said that.' All right, so I'll see you guys later, okay?" In the jungle? Seriously? That woman is a straight fool.

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