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The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth

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A Schlock And Bull Story

The girls return. Tyra has a mere four photos in her hands. And Eugena gets the first one! Yay! Caridee looks all dead-eyed and weird and is bouncing around. It's scaring me. Melrose gets a photo next. And then Caridee gets a photo, much to her great relief. She gets all teary. We cut to Melrose, who is the first to be cognizant of the fact that the twins are going to be up against each other. Or else she's just really surprised that Caridee's comment to Nigel didn't really bite her in the ass. Tyra gives Caridee a stern admonishment as Caridee weeps. This, of course, leaves Amanda and Michelle. D'oh! It seems so cruel. Michelle looks totally relaxed. She grabs Amanda's hands. Awww, twins. Tyra says that, back in casting, she thought the twins would be a part of the final three, but that is not the case. One of them has such a natural talent, but might not have a passion for modeling. But the judges look at her and think that if she doesn't have a passion for this yet, maybe she needs to stand on her own, not with her sister. Ooooh. And then there's Amanda, with all the drive in the world, but questionable talent. Just because you want something and it's a dream doesn't mean that you're great at it.

However, Amanda gets a second chance. Tyra says that, in this competition, passion is way more important than beautiful pictures. And that's pretty much all that's wrong with America's Next Top Model, isn't it? Michelle seems more or less relieved. There was a bit of a wry look flickering over her face when Amanda was called, but I think she's just happy that her sister is happy, and that she can go back to the real world and be as dykey as she wants. Amanda cries as Michelle hugs everyone and gets ready to leave. Michelle gives a peace out sign as she exits. She says that she kind of shot herself in the foot today, but that she didn't want her sister to leave because this is one of her dreams, too. She says that maybe she was a distraction, and now that she's gone, Amanda can have more focus. She says that she never wants Amanda to second-guess herself, because Amanda's amazing and Michelle loves her. Michelle says that she guesses she was there to find herself, and that she found a little bit of something, so that works for her. She's a mere eighteen, and has so much life to live. She's going to embrace it instead of hiding from it. Awww, li'l Michelle. We see her portfolio, and it's really good. I bet she'll get signed somewhere.

Next time: my evil plan misfires and the show tries to kill Caridee instead of Melrose.

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