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A Schlock And Bull Story

Melrose is first up for the photo evaluations. Tyra says that her photo is stunning. What? She looks like a cross-eyed waxwork. ["For real. She cannot pull off wearing that much makeup. She was like a terrifying drag queen from the '40s." -- Wing Chun] Nigel says that Melrose has a lot of energy and is a good model, but that she's a little too rehearsed. She needs to be natural. Twiggy says that her look in the photo is very 1940s. ["See?" -- Wing Chun] Tyra notes that Melrose also won the challenge for the week.

Eugena is next, and Tyra says she loves that Eugena talked about being on a journey, but that it's also a hustle, because Eugena knows that her photos at the beginning of the competition weren't very good. Nonetheless, she was impressed. Eugena's bullfighting shot is awesome. She looks really graceful and has one leg up in the air. Nigel says that Eugena took risks and was a pleasure to work with. Tyra commends her for the passion in her eyes in almost every single frame. Miss J. thinks Eugena looks like him. Girl, you wish. Miss J. thinks the picture is fierce. Tyra says she thinks she's really good at what she does and knows how to model and twist and turn and do all kinds of stuff, but that she can't do what Eugena did unless she's going to go to the hospital. I think that's a pretty good compliment, and also makes me wish she would try it.

Michelle is next. Tyra notes that Michelle has the strongest portfolio, and Tyra finds that sad because Michelle doesn't know her own strength. We flash back to Michelle breaking down in front of Panel, which JUST HAPPENED. Like, a minute ago. Is a sepia-toned flashback really necessary? Tyra says that Michelle has a natural talent, and just needs to accept that she's dope, even if she doesn't know why. Michelle's photo is great. Pancho says that he loves Michelle's face, and thinks she's the most interesting girl, image-wise, in the competition. Nigel says that Michelle was a surprise, and that even though she didn't know what she was doing, she did it well. He wishes she could take a look at herself. Miss J. says that she can, by looking at her photos. Nigel says that she doesn't listen to the judges, because they've been commending her all along and she just told them she had the least potential. Tyra says that Michelle took risks in this shoot, and that she has to know she's good. It might take some time, but, as Eugena said, it's a journey.

Then there's Amanda. Her close-up is gorgeous, and Twiggy notes that the camera loves her. Nigel says that Amanda has a great look, but needs to get the top half and bottom half of her body in sync. Tyra says that Amanda has the awkward second-guessing thing Eugena spoke of. Tyra quotes Eugena a lot during this Panel. Nigel says that both Amanda and Michelle have great editorial lines, but whether Amanda is as capable of doing it as well as her sister is another thing. Ooooh, burn.

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