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Just Let The Bitch In The Shower, Already

Chantal is next, and lets her frustrating dress inspire her. She interviews that she craves the photo shoots like water, and that all she wants is to be in front of the camera all the time. If a genie came down right now and granted me three Top Model wishes, my first would be that Janice Dickinson return to the panel; my second would be that Brandy be a contestant on every season of the show, up to and after she actually won; and the third would be that Chantal turn really ugly for, like, a month. Just long enough to make it count, you know? In any case, Chantal does a good job.

Saleisha is up next and starts off too posey, but uses her anger at Jay -- who manages to throw off more flames than the car -- to make it work.

Ambreal is next, and Bianca notes that Jay is her archenemy. He just hates people who suck all the time, I think. Jay tells Ambreal that she gets another week to really prove to people that she deserves this. He tells her to use the fact that she's pissed off that she might be going home to motivate her, and then continuously yells that she's too posey. Ambreal interviews that she had no idea what Jay wanted, and got really frustrated. Finally, someone who can say "frustrated."

Jenah is up next and kills it, per usual. Jay tells us that her body language was amazing.

Finally there's Lisa, who runs down the challenges of being glamorous while standing next to a burning car. I imagine that Whitesnake knows a thing or two about this. Jay says that while Lisa looked great, she didn't work the garment, and at the end of the day, it's all about how the garment works on you. ["I swear, that's the first time we have ever heard that critique on this show." -- Wing Chun]

Back at home, Heather sulks. She says that Jay says she did well, but that it wasn't her strongest shoot. She interviews that she tried her damn hardest, but that it didn't work out, and it was -- you guessed it -- fustrating. AGH. The girls have a group conversation, and Bianca tells Heather that she takes a lot of situations much more seriously than the rest of them. The shower situation is raised as an example. Heather says that she didn't have a problem sharing the shower, but that she did have a problem that someone butted her out, even though she had called it. She tells the others that if the same thing happened to them, they'd bitch about it, too. Ambreal tells her to hold up, and says that a lot of things haven't gone like she wanted them to, but she sits back and just says it's cool. Ambreal interviews that Heather can't have her way all the time. She dwells on the negative all the time, and Ambreal thinks that she's been babied a lot. Heather reiterates to the others that she's having a tough week, and doesn't know why she's snapping. Chantal says that if she needs to talk, she should let it out, and not take it out on the rest of them. Oh, but it's so fun when she takes it out for the rest of them!

Tyra Mail! Someone's going home. Heather cries in an interview and says that this might be her last chance; she's really worried. Commercials. Which, speaking of, have you all seen the latest commercial for The Tyra Banks Show? This year she's telling us to kiss her fat ass...more! Feel the revolution!

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