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The judges deliberate. Everyone loves Jenah, and Neal thinks she's one of the best in the group. Heather's picture isn't one of the best, but Miss J. loves Heather's mystery, and Twiggy is excited by her unique looks. Tyra agrees that Heather is hot. See, sometimes she does get a free pass, kind of. Nigel isn't crazy about Saleisha's photo, but says she looked drop-dead gorgeous in judging. Neal thinks Saleisha is cool and a great little model. He likes her. Oh, does he. Don't go to the bike shop with him, Saleisha! Oh wait, that was Arnold Drummond. Same basic theme, though. Twiggy is glad that Chantal doesn't look sweet in her photo. Neal thinks that Chantal has a nice face, but he doesn't see superstar. Tyra notes that she's finally figured out that Chantal looks like Cheryl Tiegs. She does, too. Neal doesn't think Ambreal is special enough to be America's Next Top Model. When you think of some of the past winners, that statement takes on a whole different context. Nigel doesn't think Ambreal has the gift of modeling, even though she's a nice girl.

Bianca's shot is interesting, and Nigel thinks she's rising in the competition. Neal thinks she's strong personality-wise, and draws you in. Twiggy also thinks she's amazing. She says, "Good ol' Bi-an-ca." Tyra gets all salty with Twiggy by mocking her pronunciation, and adds, "If only that was her name." EW! Methinks the time has come for Twiggy to give her very first bitch slap. Lisa's photo isn't great, but she's still one of Miss J.'s favorite girls there. Nigel thinks she's getting worse, and Neal adds that there's something about her that isn't quite fresh enough for him. There is a LOT about Lisa that isn't quite fresh enough for Neal, I'll bet. Tyra asks why the modeling industry is obsessed with big girls looking like children. Neal then says, "Fresh," and Tyra baby-talks that she thinks Neal looks fresh. Way to prove a point, dumb-ass.

The models return. Six of them will get a photo, and go to China. The Shanghai Six include: Bianca, Jenah, Saleisha, Chantal, and Heather. This leaves Lisa and Ambreal. Both seem to be a little teary. Ambreal is a beautiful girl, and the judges kind of see it captured on film, but not strongly enough. She might be a gorgeous girl, but not a model. Lisa, meanwhile, is a model, but she's fading. So who do the judges think is strong enough to continue on overseas, in a country that Tyra's never been to? Lisa. Tyra tells Lisa not to let the stress of the competition dull her sparkle, and to remember what got her here. What does a tragic backstory have to do with any of this? Ambreal hugs everyone and tells them she's proud of them. She looks relieved, in a way, and even does a dance as she exits.

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