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Previously: Tyra gave the girls a master class in being video hos, and they were able to use their new skills in an Enrique Iglesias video. While Lisa and Heather were naturals as skanky, forward vampires, Sarah and Chantal did not impress. Sarah was sent home, where she will, we hope, be able to conquer the complex about her weight that she developed on the show, and then smother the eventual winner. With kisses!

We enter to see Lisa preening in front of the mirror. She says that she wants the perfect ten from the judges, but that this will never happen. How's that for being an optimist? Once you start thinking you're doing well, she says, they don't like it. Dennis Kucinich knows exactly how Lisa feels. Just once, he'd like to hear Nigel tell him he's so wrong he's right and get his picture first. Lisa tells us that she feels good about getting called first last week, and that she wants to stay at the top of the pack, but that she knows she won't, because the other girls are really good. Meanwhile, Bianca asks Heather what her prediction is for the top five. Heather just kind of shrugs and eats her cereal. She tells us that she got really bummed out after Sarah left, because she and Sarah were really close. It's worse this time than when girls have been eliminated before. That's because Sarah was kind of the only one who seemed to care that Heather was about to pass out at the video shoot. The others were all, "What? Heather? I think she's in the bathroom. Oooh, don't break your heel on that ashen vampire prop that fell on the floor!" Heather tells Bianca that she doesn't want to see anyone go home. Bianca lies that she doesn't either, but that, at some point, either one of them might have to go. She tells Heather that she doesn't want to see her go home, because she'll break down. Nice. If there's one thing you can say about Bianca, it's that she's relentless. Bianca interviews that Heather will be put in situations and won't be able to handle herself -- she'll really have a nervous breakdown. One can only hope it's on camera!

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