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Meanwhile, Bre was voted Cover Girl of the Week, because America hates Kim, too!

When we return, Bre says the possibility of her going home today is about 96%. She says that Kim won't win the competition because she's an ugly person with an ugly personality. Tough talk from an ugly person with an ugly personality. She is eerily calm. Kim asks why no one else sees Kim's ugly personality, and says that it's not even worth arguing about it because Bre's such a liar. Nonetheless, she continues, and calls Bre a liar again. Bre says that she did something very wrong, and notes that God don't like ugly. Kim interviews that she feels very betrayed by Bre, because they were friends and Kim was loyal to her. She says that she doesn't know Bre anymore. Nicole tells Kim that she loves her personality, which I think is really nice, even though Kim's personality totally does suck a little. Kim says that she feels good about it as Bre rolls over on the couch.

Meanwhile, the judges get down to business. Nigel says that Jayla is definitely a model and takes gorgeous pictures, but that she's fading for him. Miss J. loves her sexy Whistler's Mother and say's she's in. Nik has gotten higher and higher each week, and Nigel says that the silent girl finally came out of her shell. But not her clam shell. Miss J. makes fun of Nicole, but Twiggy says that she thinks Nicole takes a great picture. Tyra says that Nicole was born to be a model. Nigel says, "Model, yes. Spokesperson, I don't know." Twiggy has liked Kim from the beginning because she's so quirky, but Miss J. says that Kim hasn't given him any great photos. Barry says that her face is more suited to outdoor and casual clothing. Ouch. Barry says something very British-sounding about Bre. Tyra thinks that Bre's photo is the prettiest of the whole bunch, which I think is a crock. Note to Tyra: WE HAVE EYES. The judges talk about GranolaGate, which Twiggy says that the whole thing was very distressing. They make it sound like they're going to eliminate Bre, and you know that means they won't. Sigh.

The girls return. Nik, Jayla, and Nicole are in. And now, the showdown we've all been waiting for. The judges love Kim's energy and uniqueness, but say she hasn't consistently lived up to her potential. Bre is standing there because of how she handled herself in front of the panel. While saying she was professional, she was actually anything but. Tyra says that Bre has learned a big lesson about retaliation, and you know how Teacher Tyra loves that kind of crap. Tyra asks Bre if she wants to go home, and Bre says she doesn't. Tyra says, "You're not," and Bre bursts into tears. Kim hugs Nicole and leaves. Kim, classy as always, heads back to the hotel with a cigarette behind her ear. She says she's learned a lot throughout the competition, and has become a really good model. Let's not exaggerate, there, Barney Miller. She says that it's hard to lose to someone who has betrayed her, but that she's going to get past it, and that it will make her stronger. She says that she'll miss certain people -- especially Nicole -- but most of all, she'll miss the modeling. She says she started out with nothing, but came out with great skills as a model. Her portfolio doesn't exactly back her up on this, but she definitely showed some improvement. Kim heads off as we fade to black.

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