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Kim is up next for evaluation. Her stoic pose was pretty good, as is her Birth of Venus shot. Miss J. notes that the face is sad, and Barry says that's what he was going for. He told her to be dreamy and think about her mother or her boyfriend. That, of course, gets a laugh from everybody, and Barry has no idea why. Nigel notes that he likes how Kim wore the same jewelry from her shoot. Tyra asks if she stole it, and Kim says that she actually bought it because she loves it so much. Tyra says that models usually steal stuff, and that gets a big laugh all around and a mention of energy drinks from Miss J., who can't let the obvious stone remain unturned. As the judges continue to talk to Kim about her catcher's mitt hands, In the background, Bre mumbles, "I just wanna go," and begins to tear up. Oh, can it, Sister Sledge.

Next is Jayla, who did the worst in stoic posing. However, the judges love her Whister's Mother photo, and with good reason. It kills me to admit it, but it's great. Somehow, that just makes me hate her all the more. Tyra reports that Jay said that Jayla did a great job on set, but gave him attitude when he asked her to practice. She seems stunned. Twiggy says there's an old saying that you win more with honey than you do with vinegar. And actually, I believe the saying is, "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, sweetheart," and for proper impact it must be said by a crusty old cab driver who regales you with stories about how he convinced Linda Blair to leave her abusive husband and shows you the glossy autographed 8x10 photo to prove it as he drives you from the airport back to your dorm after winter break. Yes, that actually happened, and the moral of every story is, "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, sweetheart." Methinks The Twig has spent some quality time being chauffeured around Duchess County by one Nick the cab driver. Anyway, Tyra tells the girls that they are always being watched on photo shoots, so they need to behave themselves. More tears from Bre. The judges dismiss the girls.

Nicole interviews that, when they left Panel, Bre was angry and out of control and took it out on Kim. We see Bre telling Kim that she couldn't tell the truth to save her fucking life, and I don't think she quite got the point of the honey/vinegar story. Kim asks if Bre is kidding. Bre goes over to Nik and points at Kim and tells her to shut up and asks Nik to back her up. Nik remains silent. Kim yells at Bre that her anger is what's getting her into trouble, that she needs to stop, and that she's the one lying. Bre says that, straight up, what she did to Nicole was wrong, but that Kim hit her up immediately at the shoot. Kim says that she didn't want conflict. Well, guess that plan kind of backfired. She reiterates that Bre's anger is getting her into trouble and that she's lying; a tense chord ushers us into commercials.

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