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Red Bullshit

Nicole explains that she's trying to be The Girl with the Pearl Earring, and that she's never read the book, but that she knows the picture. Well, good then. Bre watches Nicole with total hawkeye while she poses, and Nicole says that she totally shut out the situation with Bre because she messed up the pigeon challenge and needs to have a good photo shoot. Nik and Bre kind of play around in a distracting manner on the sidelines, and then Nik says shhh, because they're supposed to be watching Nicole. Jay says that Nicole did a much better job than she's done in past weeks, and she didn't let the whole "kerfluffle" with Bre affect her photo shoot. Just when you think he's the butch Jay, he busts out a "kerfluffle." Barry tells Nicole she was excellent.

Bre gets slathered with Olay Quench, and it instantly hisses, sizzles, and splatters, because that's what happens when your veins are filled with devil juice. Barry tells her that she needs to have the poise of confidence. She smirks like Mona Lisa. Bre interviews that when you have work, a whole bunch of other things can be going on in your life, and that you've got to let it go.

It's the end of the day, and Nicole says that she decided to confront Bre because they're both done with their photo shoots. She goes to do it, and who is right in the middle of things but Kim. How convenient. Nicole tells Bre that she'd like to talk about things, and Bre says that she doesn't want to talk right now. Nicole says that if Bre did take her Red Bulls, she'd appreciate it if Bre would replace or pay for them. Bre says that she's not replacing anything. She really does seem kind of crazy. Nicole adds that if Bre thinks Nicole took any of her stuff, the fact is that Nicole didn't touch anything. Bre says she doesn't believe her. Nicole interviews that she has no idea who took the granola bars Bre speaks of. Nicole gets a little bit heated and says that she's not comfortable with Bre stealing her things. Bre then says, "Stealing is taking don't know who took it, and you'll never see it again," as we see footage of Bre pouring the Red Bull down the sink. Bre then says, "I didn't steal it, you know where it is." She's really such a bitch. Nicole interviews, "Like, there's two empty cans in the bathroom, are you kidding me?" Bre, in a voice totally devoid of emotion, asks Nicole what she wants her to do. Nicole says that she wants Bre to replace or pay for the Red Bulls. Dead Voice Bre says she won't, and asks what they do now. Nicole says that she doesn't get why Bre wouldn't do that, and she emotionally tells Bre that she's kind of a mean person. She kind of is. Nicole says that what Bre's doing is wrong and whack, because Nicole never touched any of her things. Bre says again that she's not replacing it, and Nicole says that at least now she knows what kind of a person Bre is. I am so sick of these dumb-asses. Bre takes a drink of water. Nicole interviews that Bre's the spawn of the devil and calls her a freak. Bre says in the shakily evil voice of the guilty, "I don't like Nicole. I don't believe her story. If I have to hear one more word about that Red Bull, she'll be wearing it tonight." Miss Itty writes, "Pore Nicole...OR SHOULD I SAY NIC-SHOVE-IT- IN-YOUR-PIE-HOLE. U R pretty like the nice pretty cat butt. Mmm, cat butt. =) Also, note to BrE -- OR SHOULD I SAY......BRE... -- I 8 your gran-WHORE-la bar. It made me throw upp and I pawed it around and then it looked like yuor nasty face. JMO YMMV. Kimmee, call me, U can date my mom! ROFLMAO!!!" Commercials.

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