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Bethany's walk needs some work. Eric is afraid of her boobs. Tyra worries that her poses take her away from modeling and "more of that girlie mag type of thing." Ha! They called her a porn star. Oh, okay. That's not fair. Not a "star," per se.

Jenascia. Those who are tardy do not get recapped.

The four judges burn through all of the candidates again, narrowing it down to who sucks because she was late and who sucks because she didn't do a photo shoot. No one likes Anna's attitude, and Eric doesn't think Anna has a real idea of why she even refused to do it. The final work is from Nigel, who says that it's much more damaging to be late than to be prudish.

Nigel has no freakin' say at all. Tyra gives a headshot to each of the girls who are to continue, and the final battle comes down to between Jenascia and Anna. Tyra berates Jenascia again and tells Anna she supports her decision. Then she chooses Jenascia. Bitches! Bitches all! Tyra tells Jenascia that she has to be "America's Next On Time Model." Ha! Who's writing her copy? Alphabet soup? Perhaps.

Back at the loft, Anna packs her bags and celebrates the fact that she stood her ground, promising in a confessional that she doesn't regret anything. She pulls her luggage into the elevator, and tells us how excited she is to see her son. A final shot of all the girls flashes on the screen, and I wish this show were meta enough for each of the booted girls to fade out of the photo, Back to the Future-style.

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