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On your feet ladies! Nobody quit the competition, which is the most important thing. Kelle came in last, and next to last was Norelle, followed by Toccara. Ann says good for Toccara, but thinks that Kelle and Norelle should feel bad because a woman weighing fifty pounds more than they do beat them in a race. ["You can be overweight and still be more fit than skinny people who never eat and therefore have no energy. Shut up, Ann." -- Wing Chun] Amanda, Cassie, Nicole, and Eva are all in the middle of the pack. Yaya is the winner of the day and, to her credit, Ann doesn't seem to brat about coming in second. Yaya gets to share her prize with one person and chooses Toccara, who exemplified perseverance and surpassed expectations. The two of them enjoy an evening of spa pampering on the roof. The rest of the girls have to walk home. They are not happy. Eva interviews, "The person that needed the the facial," and a previous close-up shows us that Yaya is still quite zitty. The loser girls have to walk about three miles home, some of them with their walking sticks.

Yaya interviews that the panel has criticized her for letting her "dancerishness" shine through. She tells Toccara that it is difficult for her to suppress something that is so much a part of who she is. She says, "In the definition of Yaya, dancer is up there." Yes, it's up there right along with "asshat." Cassie interviews that she had a Hollywood image of New York in her head, and was disappointed when she got there because the streets are not, in fact, paved with gold. She thinks that New York is dirty and expensive. As opposed to dirty and cheap, like the Gentlemen's Club where she is employed. On their walk, Kelle acts as tour guide, which she says is one thing that she can actually do well. Cut to a shot of her tripping over Amanda's walking stick. Oh, poor Kelle!

Cassie interviews, "Happiness to me is just that feeling that can't be described, and it's not here right now." New York and the competition are not making her happy. She tells her boyfriend that New York is not as glamorous as she had thought it would be, that she hates it, and that all of her spirit is gone. Her boyfriend (who appears, in a photo with Cassie, to be a strapping black man) helpfully says, "Just be a trooper." Cassie says, "I'll try my best," and her boyfriend totally mocks her by saying, "I'll try my best" in a pouty girly voice. What a catch he is. Cassie asks if he will be mad if she comes home early. The show cuts to a commercial before we can hear him say, "Yes, because then I won't have as much time to hang out with your esteemed, bigger-breasted co-workers, Calypso and Fantasia." And Cassie? New York doesn't like you too much, either.

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