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The Girl Who Mutilated The Precious Brownies

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Smells Like Cupcakes

For those of you who were wondering, Toccara was once again voted Cover Girl of the Week. "She makes big beautiful!" "Her inner beauty shines brightly!" "She represents the woman of today." Those comments are practically the same as last week's. I would totally vote for Toccara, too, though.

Back at the restaurant, the bickering continues. Ann argues that she didn't ruin the brownies or piss on them. Cassie says it's still wrong. Kelle is cracking up, which I love. Then freaking Yaya says, "There are obviously many different levels of maturity and experience in this house...We are not the same kinds of people, but respect -- HAY-SPAY-TU -- is the issue." Eva gives her a priceless look that says, "What you talking 'bout, bitch?" Oh, little Eva Drummond. Before she climbs down from her tiny oil-control soap-box, Yaya says, "Moving on. Growing up." People, this is what an Ivy League education gets you. So beware. Cassie interviews that she doesn't like to have a lot of drama in the house, but when you live with Ann, drama is unavoidable.

A new day is dawning. Cassie says that she doesn't know why people give her flak for not cleaning her dishes, because there's a pile of dishes in the sink and none of them are hers. Cut to Cassie leaving her dirty brownie pan in the sink. Ha! I love when the editors hate someone.

Tyra mail! "Do you have what it takes to rise to the top? Be ready to prove it at 10:00." The girls, clad in workout wear, walk into a room that is outfitted with an army-style obstacle course. Toccara interviews that when she saw it, she was excited. Yeah, I am so sure. There are nets and ropes and tires and walls that say things like "intensity." Eva interviews that no one in their right mind would be excited about an obstacle course. Captain Leif Wade, trainer at the bootcamp gym, introduces himself. And how awesome would it have been if it was Captain Leif Garrett? He'd be all shaking and stuff, and the workout would consist of "Ummm, and then you pick up the pipe with your right hand just like this..." and then he'd start crying about how he paralyzed his friend Roland Winkler. And then Roland Winkler would show up and complete the obstacle course, paralysis and all, just to underscore how pathetic Leif Garrett is. But I digress. Captain Leif is formerly of the U.S. Marines. He says that the girls are no longer civilians. Well, as we've seen, they're no longer civil, so I guess that's a start. Eva mocks Captain Leif in an interview, saying "Blah blah blah, today is about tenacity! Strenth! Loyalty!" Eva is the greatest. Captain Leif says that the girls will face rejection in the modeling industry (true, just ask Kelle), but quitters are never winners, and winners never quit. So he won't let them quit today.

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