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In another room, Yaya is wearing a black t-shirt with the word "RESPEITO" in big white block letters. She tells Cassie that she's wearing the shirt for her and says that the word "HAY-SPAY-TU!" means respect in "POR-THU-GAYSE!" And it really bugs the crap out of me when people say one word in a foreign language and have to do it in that exaggerated accent. Like, if that's all you have to add to the conversation, then just shut up. Yaya is already way too pleased with herself. Amanda interviews that no one will admit to being responsible for "BrownieGate '04." Amanda and Yaya eavesdrop outside of Ann and Eva's room. The whole house is a-twitter about the incident in a way that indicates that they are loving the drama. Toccara busts into a round of "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar," and everyone totally knows that it's Ann. The girls all go "Mmmmmmm," and Toccara exits the room saying, "I'll see y'all at dinner." They can't wait. Kelle laughs, claps and joyfully quips "There's gon' be some drama." She was so black just then!

The girls are all eating out at the restaurant Teany. Ann asks Yaya what her shirt means (hint: it's what the Portuguese Rodney Dangerfield gets none of), which provides all too convenient a forum for the Ya-ster to get her preach on. She says that it means "respect" in Portuguese, and that there is a big lack of respect in the house. She continues that Cassie's brownies were "fingered" (insert Ann/Eva joke here) and that the whole incident showed immaturity and a lack of respect. Yaya and Cassie are both sickeningly self-righteous in this moment, which...shut up, Yaya, and pipe down while you're at it. Ann 'fesses up that she carved the messages in the brownies to be funny, and that it was not intended to hurt Cassie. She apologizes and says that she thought Cassie would find it funny, too. ["Lie." -- Wing Chun] Yaya interjects that Ann doesn't have the kind of relationship with Cassie to assume that Cassie would see the humor. ["I hate Yaya in this episode, but true." -- Wing Chun] Yaya then interviews, "Some people think it's funny to kill people. That doesn't make it funny." First of all, they do? And second, it's a fucking pan of brownies. Calm it down with the moralizing, Reverend Blackhead. Ann says, "Well, I'm sorry that you're so mature. And that you have no sense of humor." Cassie says that they don't have to be hostile to each other, but that Ann shouldn't touch Cassie's stuff. I have a feeling that the harping about this went on for a while longer, because there's suddenly a cut to Ann who says, "Okay, well, when you were making yourself throw up and you didn't want anyone to talk about it, you said that and we stopped talking about it. So stop talking about me." Cassie says, "I'm going to talk about you, I'll tell you that now." Ann says, "Well, then I'm going to talk about how you're bulimic...I'll tell Tyra tomorrow." And that was pretty low. Cassie says that she already told Tyra. Eva says that everyone should just calm down and clean their freaking dishes. Ann says that no one wants to live with Cassie's dirty dishes, and Cassie says, "Who wants to live with you, Ann?" and Yaya bursts into a smug smile. Cassie yells at Ann some more. Commercials. Everyone seriously needs to calm the fuck down.

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