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Smells Like Cupcakes

Tyra brings out nutritionist Joy Bauer, who has been helping models to manage their weight for over fifteen years. She says that the keys to healthy eating are balance, moderation, and consistency. Cassie says that she has fallen victim to the low-carb craze. Joy says that, contrary to popular belief, nobody needs to be afraid of carbs. Joy Bauer is my hero. Do you hear that, women of America? Eat a freaking pretzel! And buy this clever shirt. Tyra asks if anybody "wants to do a one-on-one with the three of us." Ha! Models are also like athletes in that they are often quite dumb. Cassie says that she wants to, and the others are dismissed to their rooms. Cassie tells Tyra, Kate, and Joy that, even though she wouldn't say she has an eating disorder, she worries about what she eats 24-7. Joy asks if it ever gets out of control, and Cassie says that she has thrown up several times in the past, but doesn't consider herself bulimic because she didn't do it after every meal. And I am sad to say that the crazy and disgusted Tyra reaction shot that we were promised in the previews from last week is nowhere to be found. Joy suggests that Cassie talk to a counselor so that her obsession doesn't get out of control, particularly in such a pressure-filled environment. Cassie rejects this idea wholeheartedly and says, "You can tell me I shouldn't do that all you want, but if I feel like I'm still gonna do it, I'm never gonna be helped." So she's basically saying that she would like to continue having an eating disorder, probably because without it, her "cry for help" status garners so much less attention. After Cassie leaves, the three women talk. Tyra is concerned, and Kate says that people with eating disorders are hard-core.

Cassie calls her boyfriend, C.J., and tells him that "they" want her to go to a counselor for "you know what." C.J. says, "They know? How?" and Cassie says, "I had to tell them." I personally find it a little disturbing that her boyfriend seems to support her eating disorder. Cassie interviews, "If I'm feeling that I'm happy and I'm doing fine and this is making me happy by doing this, then that's all that matters to me." A little vague there, aren't we, Tracey Gold? Cassie walks by a table of healthy food left by Joy and kind of scoffs at it, telling the others, "It's just like fruit and salad, it's not like a bunch of meals." Ingrate. I'm sorry, but by the time you're my age you learn that any free food is a cause for celebration. My mom left me a bag of those little snack packs of raisins, and I was seriously dancing on the table.

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